This is only a test, or is it?

It’s springtime in Longmont, time when a mans fancy turns to…nevermind. It’s time for the Outdoor Warning System testing. Yes, that time honored tradition of scaring the bejeezus out of you as you oversleep from a hectic weekend. The first test will be Monday April 2nd at 10:00am, and every first Monday of each month through August.

That’s right, emergencies take the winter off. They’re migratory that way.

You’ve probably seen the new, really tall towers around town. They also appear to rotate, at what speed no one’s really sure. So, you may intermittently hear the “chimes” as they call it, I know windchimes strike fear into me and make me want to run for the basement. But you’ll also intermittently hear the message that follows said chimes. Might sound something like this: “ATTENTION LONGMONT RESIDENTS……………..LEVEL 5 TORNA…………OWARDS YOU……..

There also appears to be solar panels attached to these systems. So it’s either total silence as all heck breaks loose at night, or a message of “ALL IS WELL” blaring out as you have no power of your own.

I love the “if you cannot hear or understand the message” part in the paper. They say to access your local media. I say nevermind, it’s probably too late anyway, as you were, carry on, and of course ALL IS WELL.

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