LA008: DNC ’08, grocery tax repeal, Twin Peaks Mall, and the Transition movement


June 1, 2008 Show
Fuzz by Lords Of Fuzz

Shout Outs
Jake at Border To Border Radio Podcast
Jack at Lithuanian Out Loud Podcast

Longmont Police and the 2008
Democratic National Convention
Paul Tiger’s Grocery Tax Repeal

Lifebridge Update – Recent TC articles
Hallelujah by 38 Acres

Ghosts by Rich Reich

May 28th Twin Peaks Mall meeting
“Green Built Mall”
City’s Mall Redevelopment Survey at

Boulder County Going Local Meeting
Buy Local First

City Council Watch
May 27, 2008 Meeting
BMX pulled off the agenda
Front Range Christian Church Annexation
Sean McCoy’s YouTube comments
“City Council Cheap Shots”
Customer Satisfaction Survey questions

June 17 and July 1 Meetings Cancelled
Upcoming city events

The Ballad of Jon Turner by Jeff Caylor

Runtime: 36:54

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