Top 10 Convention Moments

I like watching the political conventions, always have. I remember as a little kid watching these, figuring this was where/how they picked the President, which I thought was pretty exciting to watch – only to find out it was just to pick the party’s nominee. By comparison, Election Day was a little boring.

Around this time of year, usually some channel, like CSPAN or The History Channel shows famous speeches from past conventions. We have the luxury of knowing how those races turned out eventually, but it’s still interesting.

RealClearPolitics has a feature called Top 10 Convention Moments worth checking out. Some you’re sure to be aware of, some may surprise you.

Did you know at the 1960 DNC, which was held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, John F. Kennedy actually made his acceptance speech at the cavernous Los Angeles Memorial Colliseum? Invesco Field at Mile High, where Democratic presumptive nominee Barack Obama will make his acceptance speech – insead of Pepsi Center, could probably fit inside the Colliseum.

Number 3 on this list is the 1968 DNC in Chicago, you know, the one some want to “re-create”?

My favorite kind of convention highlights are the ones where things get a little raucous and rowdy. Like at the 1964 RNC in San Francisco’s Cow Palace, where some factions were booed ( Nelson Rockefeller) and others, while controversial even within their own party ( Barry Goldwater), were cheered on.

Sadly, those days may be gone now that most conventions are just 4 day campaign commercials, highly polished, without much in the way of drama. I’ll still watch them more than the average person, but wonder about their true value or relevance.

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