Elections 2008: Please stop voting

(submitted by Brigette Rodriguez)

Time’s up. Please put down your pens. Stop the collective groaning. Why are people still doing THIS?

You can stop now. It’s over and done. Even the election graffiti art at the corner of 3rd and Lashley in Longmont shows that it’s over. Go take a look if you don’t believe me. The children and the police and the firemen? Yep…they also know.

If you didn’t like the outcome and think that the clerk is still counting ballots, she’s not. Go back and read your voting instructions, it said postmarks by Election day don’t count if they are received AFTER the election. According to Jessie Cornelius, spokesperson for the Boulder County Clerk’s office, “While it’s unfortunate that some voters miss the deadline, it’s normal to receive ballots after Election Night. This is not considered a high number. The 242 late ballots came from Boulder County, out of state and overseas.”

I personally think it’s now time to leave the Boulder County Clerk alone. She’s busy. The post office, they’re busy too. The holiday’s are coming…read all about it!
Just save your “I voted” sticker for our upcoming local elections next year…and VOTE on time.
With local elections, races can be decided by a small percentage, who knows if those 242 would have made a difference in at least one of our local races.

Was it the length of the ballot or were you catonic from all the election coverage or too busy watching those “Don’t vote!” you-tube videos? Post a comment and tell me why you may be one of those who merits a “I THINK I voted sticker.” No, we won’t come hunt you down with a sharpie and change your sticker.

And as I so loudly got to say (thanks guys!) when I was an election day judge: “THE POLLS ARE CLOSED!”

(Election Day 2008 artwork by Gamma Acosta)


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