My name is Old Glory

Go outside. See how many American flags are flying today.
I counted five this morning in Longmont during carpool. They were outnumbered by the campaign signs that were still out.
Five. That’s it. Did people forget? Read these below stories about people in Longmont who can’t forget.
I still see the face of one of them when he accidentally wandered into my picture at a memorial in DC. He reminds me every year not to forget.
My father in law is probably wearing his 1st Cavalry shirt today. He reminds me every year not to forget.
My youngest son still remembers picking up and righting all the small American flags at the Vietnam memorial. He reminds me every year not to forget.
I remember the faces of the soldier statues at the Korean War Memorial at dusk. They remind me every year not to forget.
The Veterans Parade passing by the “All America City” banner on Main Street in downtown Longmont reminds me every year not to forget.
An article from the appropriately named Denver Forgotten Communities Examiner showed me that my fellow Examiners didn’t forget.
I went to Google something today. They also reminded me not to forget.
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