Community service? Just ask LifeBridge

The recent (Longmont) National Day of Service put on by local Democrats was admirable, except perhaps for the suspicious “write letters in support of change” activity.

However, as Chris Rodriguez and others have noted, our Progressive friends should be careful when gloating about their newfound service to the community. These are some of the same people (not all) who have unmercifully demonized the motives of LifeBridge Christian Church throughout the entire Union annexation saga–first with Longmont and now with Firestone.

The truth is, LifeBridge is all about community and always has been. The goal since the beginning of the Union project has been to diminish the barrier between a church and the surrounding community. LBCC does far more community service time and number of projects than our local Hope and Change crowd can ever “hope” to achieve.

For example, the annual Time to Serve campaign carried out by LifeBridge members for two weeks each December produced the following results in 2008: Volunteers numbering about 450; service for an average of two to eight hours on 53 different project opportunities with 28 organizations and agencies. LBCC also had projects at their other sites in the Tri-Towns area and in Johnstown.

LifeBridge will again be a major force in the annual Community Food Share drive to be conducted April 8 through 21 this year. See the Jan. 29 Times-Call editorial: Food Share helps take edge off hunger

Local Progressives are certainly welcome to continue their service to the community, the more the better. But what makes their efforts so laudable toward “change” when LifeBridge has been the essence of community service in Longmont for decades?

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