Response to Firestone Mayor Auer’s Times-Call editorial

Congratulations Mayor Auer for hitting the nail on the head. You could not have said it more eloquently. Firestone’s situation comes down to one thing, The U.S. Constitution.

LifeBridge owns the land and has the right to use it as it sees fit. Longmont does not own the land but had the opportunity to welcome LifeBridge into the city had it not been for a few on city council and a few isolationist wackos.

Firestone welcomes LifeBridge into their city and what does Longmont do? Violates LifeBridge’s constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As well as to own property. Longmont has no jurisdiction over this property, but wants to control it. Common sense would say Longmont back off. I am not a member of LifeBridge but I do have a Horse in this race, that horse is named “justice ” the American way. And he is the odds on favorite.

I protest Longmonts treatment of Firestone and LifeBridge and will stand on the Constitutional Right to own property. Longmont will lose this battle in civil Court. They have already lost it in the court of public opinion. Property Rights are being taken away by this city, county and state and has to stop now. If not, socialism is around the corner.

The real losers are the Longmontians for when the city loses this fight, and they will, the taxpayers will get to pay the legal fees, and that could be for both sides. They will surely lose All American City status. They will lose the respect of any real American that believes in the Constitution and property rights.

Good luck Mayor Auer. You are not afraid to fight for what is right, and in the end you will prevail.

George Marxmiller

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