Longmont running out of moves

Back in May 2008, I wrote a piece called “Longmont, Take The Deal” where I said it was just about checkmate on this idiotic crusade against Firestone and Weld County over the Union annexation. It came as no shock or surprise to hear the news that Longmont got its rear end handed to them from the courts over this. (Times-Call “City’s annexations ‘null and void’ Judge: Longmont ‘abused its discretion’”)

Much of that Times-Call article sounds familiar – as it was exactly what I warned about over a year ago. Let’s go back, shall we?

“Longmont isn’t and hasn’t been dealing from a position of strength. It really doesn’t hold any cards and stand to lose much. The cute game of de-annexing and re-annexing, including certain roads with the goal of cutting off access to the landowners’ property, was a dirty trick and will cost the city at the county, state, and court levels if you allow this charade to continue.” – This was the main point of the Times-Call article, the city got caught trying to play cute games, and it lost.

“We’ve all been entertained by the antics for the last few months by some of your “surrogate agitators and aggressors“, but the time for stalling and playing games is over. This deal is probably the absolute best you’re going to get; to pass on it would be foolish.” – The deal was Firestone’s offer to let Longmont buy some of LifeBridge/4C’s land for their supposed “buffer”. This whole buffer was always a sham, a stalling technique. Longmont passed on the deal, and may very well end up with nothing at all. Great strategy!

I reminded some on council of this supposed majority they thought they spoke for: “Six of the current seven councilmembers were involved in the recent elections of November and January. When you consider what “majority” you think you’re representing, keep in mind only three of you actually won with a majority (Lange, McCoy, and Santos), one of you lost by a majority (Benker in the Mayors race) and the other two got in with less than a majority (Hansen and Levison).”

The following opinion hasn’t changed: “Personally, I think the landowners are giving away too much in this deal. They’ve been the target of slanderous and libelous attacks by some mouthpieces of certain councilmembers. We all know some of you ran on, and had the backing of the anti-annexation movement. It’s become clearly evident that they were never just “anti-annexation” or looking out for what was “in it” for Longmont.” – I suspect we’ll be hearing less from these mouthpieces; was “distraught” the term the paper used? Can’t remember as it was quickly buried. But like cockroaches, there’s always more waiting in the wings to make up for lost or fallen cockroaches.

I also mentioned a “massive lawsuit that Longmont can not afford, and will ultimately lose.” It was refreshing to see someone speak bluntly when Dale Bruns said “If they had any brains, they’d put an end to this before they have more rulings that would substantiate damages that we would claim. And if that happens, they better get out their checkbooks, because we’re coming after them.”

It’s becoming apparent brains are in short supply as anyone could see this coming, well, except for the crazy-eyed anti-LifeBridge, tunnel-visioned types and the fools on council who listen to them. It’s not as if city council wasn’t warned, they were, they just kept on those blinders and now might even appeal this ruling and keep throwing good money down the drain on this losing battle.

Longmont City Council, you’re out of moves – and out of money, our money. You and the staff you’ve directed have wasted enough time and money on this foolish adventure and now you end up with squat. No land (the buffer you wanted), no revenues (from property tax and permit fees), and no goodwill deserved from your new next door neighbor, Firestone.

Well, you do have one more move: retreat. And while you’re at it how about apologies to Firestone, LifeBridge, and the taxpaying citizens of Longmont. Fat chance, I know, that would take class. Something the majority on this council has shown very little of.

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