Let the Attacks Begin…

On July 21, at the Longmont City Council meeting, during Public Invited to be Heard, Doug Wray tried to launch in to a tirade condemning Councilman Santos for an email that was somehow accessed by Wray. The email, while coming from Gabe’s personal account that was later made accessible to public due to the Open Records laws, was at the time NOT accessible as he was not yet on the council and the fact that Wray had a copy is a clear violation of Gabe’s privacy. The email was a response to a Kaye Fissinger story posted on YourHub.com, that was in essence announcing that the attacks from the Left had begun – NOT a call TO attack as Wray implied before council. “Let the attacks begin” – simply another way to recognize that he knew it was coming and indeed, the Progressives, true to form, were the first to go on the offensive (and offensive they were!) But Wray tried to spin the email to say that Gabe was calling for his followers to attack Juday. In fact, Gabe never played dirty. There WERE questionable marketing pieces sent that attacked Juday but Gabe had no part in their creation or distribution. Gabe doesn’t work that way.

A candidate has no control over what a supporter chooses to do of their own free will – both in promoting a candidate or exposing the negative aspects of the opposition. In trying to smear Gabe, Wray gets the award for being the first in this 2009 political season to turn to dirty politics – to which Gabe could again send an email tomorrow pointing to the video of the Wray speaking and again announce, “let the attacks begin.”

Game on Doug. You have opened the door my friend, and you and your candidates (if there are any? For some reason the Progressives haven’t announced their intentions yet…are they all waiting to announce together so the left will know which bloc to vote for?) will surely feel the wrath. This town is tired of the tirades of Kaye, Nita, Duane, Strider, Ruby and a handful of others – you all had nearly 2 years of majority rule and in that short time have managed to bring this town to it’s knees. It’s time to give back power to those who act on behalf of the people of Longmont. Who consider what’s best for the city as a whole, not those who act on behalf of a progressive agenda that favors a minority that shouts the loudest. Gone are the days of equal rights for prairie dogs and chickens. Gone are the days of choosing studies over action.

For his actions that night, I give kudos to Roger for saying enough is enough and to Mary for standing up for her fellow councilmember by saying character assassination is NOT OK in front of this council. What Doug did was a typical mean spirited, Progressive-left-wing tactic and it has no place in Longmont. The DeLay references are a feeble attempt to try and discredit the work Gabe has done so far for this town. It didn’t work when he brought it up during the Juday campaign and it won’t work now. Let the attacks begin….again….

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