Longmont election picture comes into focus

Today at 5pm was the deadline for candidates to turn in petitions to run for municipal office. I was at the City Clerks Office at the deadline to see if there were any surprise candidates, and to see what the final list of candidates looked like. You can see the list so far of who’s on the ballot at this City Clerk link.

What was more interesting in who showed up was who didn’t show up. In the race for Mayor, former city councilmember Dan Benavidez did not turn in petitions by the deadline and will not be on the ballot. The same goes for At-Large candidate Bryan Boothby, a no-show at the deadline. Both of these candidates could still be write-in candidates, but their names will not be on the ballot, basically making their run nearly impossible.

Also in the race for Mayor, Jeff Thompson turned in his petition, but as of 5pm the required 50 signatures weren’t yet validated. At-Large candidate Jonathan Singer turned in his petitions, but needs a few more signatures as some were invalidated. And another At-large candidate showed up at the deadline (a newcomer whose name has not yet been announced in the paper) but he’s in the same boat, needs more validated signatures. These candidates have until Friday August 28 to get the required number of valid signatures. But besides these three, no other candidates can get their name on the ballot – only write-in is a possibility.

There were rumors of other candidates, but they turned out to be just that, rumors.

Here’s how the ballot looks so far (according to the City Clerk site):

Roger Lange (incumbent)
Bryan Baum

At-Large (two highest vote getters)
Gabe Santos (incumbent)
Alex Sammoury
Bill Van Dusen
Kaye Fissinger

Ward 2
Karen Benker (incumbent)
Katie Witt

Our Vote! Longmont page will update these races as changes are made (on the Candidates page), as well as the candidates for the St. Vrain Valley School Board.

Make sure you are registered to vote in the City of Longmont, especially if you’ve recently moved. If you voted in the last election (November ’08) and haven’t moved, you should be registered. If you haven’t voted in the last 2 general elections, you may have been purged from the voter rolls. You can check your registration at this Boulder County link. October 9th is the last day to register to vote.

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