Longmont group part of White House screwup

Sometimes guilt by association is a necessary part of politics. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I’m no fan of hero worship when it comes to politicians. All one has to do is look to past examples where this has gone really, really bad. I’m also not a fan of jumping on political bandwagons and avoid it as much as possible, even if it’s a cause, position, or person I may personally agree with. I tend to look differently at that particular cause, position, or person when it/they try to get this cult of personality thing going for them. Sort of like what Obama did in this last election cycle, and the mindless (of some, not all) following he gathered.

The problem with groups like this is they don’t seem to know when to step back and take a look at what they (or their leaders) are doing, and if it’s very smart. Example: Longmont Organizing for America, which use something like my.barackobama.com/xxx for their website address. I already mentioned them in my “Neighborhood liars, thugs, and brownshirts” story, and this isn’t a rehash of that, there’s more interesting national news regarding them.

The Associated Press reported today that “The White House is blaming unnamed political groups for the unsolicited e-mails it had wrongly insisted no one was receiving from its online operation.” I’ll help out and name one of those unnamed political groups: Longmont Organizing for America. They sent us an unsolicited email from Senior Advisor of the President David Axelrod, and included their own commentary, which in part included:
You may have already received this email from David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to President Obama, but Longmont Organizing for America would like to emphasize the importance of forwarding this ” Reality Check” information to your family, friends and neighbors.”

I’m sure other arms of Organizing for America sent out similar emails to thousands of people. These are the so-called groups the White House is blaming for this massive spam attack. This is also connected to the White House email address (flag@whitehouse.gov) that was a collection point to turn in and monitor dissidents of (so-called) health care reform. Is this what we’ve become as a society? Sad.

Getting back to the local aspect of this: did anyone else notice the complaint in the TC Line about political activities at the local farmers market? Guess what one of the activities listed on Longmont Organizing for America (can we cut the BS and call it was it is: Longmont Organizing for Obama) is? Yep, activism at the local farmers market. Anything for the cause, right? Even if it means bothering people in public (or spamming them online), the masses must be educated!

The people behind this should be fairly familiar to anyone who watches local politics. (The following is the case for the most part, with some exceptions)

  • They are the same people trying to kick LifeBridge out of town, go after rank and file church members, and want to block any possibility of them building their new church outside of Longmont (after forcing them out).
  • They were strong backers of the majority of council who were voted in back in ’07 (McCoy, Levison, Hansen, and Benker in her losing bid for Mayor).
  • They endlessly parade to the podium in support of these councilmembers – sort of like the blind hero worship they have for Obama, based on no real results, but just because they are on their side.
  • They are in favor of continuing litigation (and endless wasting of money) against the Town of Firestone and LifeBridge.
  • They back council’s position on backyard chickens and the endless hours of wasted time spent on that issue.
  • They back council’s position on limiting spraying for West Nile Virus, meanwhile traps around the city are catching elevated numbers of the types of mosquito’s that carry WNV, and people have contracted the virus.

There’s more, including the way they go after people with differing opinions in the above examples, often in a fairly nasty way. Again, anything for the cause(s), right?

This group is closely aligned with Karen Benker and Sean McCoy (who made an unforgettable speech about his hero), who in their own words during council meetings have gushed over Obama (not as much lately) and are all smiles when these people march before the podium. The other birds of a feather who are candidates this year are Kaye Fissinger (about the worst candidate this city has seen in a long time), Jonathan Singer (had some emails with, seems like a decent guy, but the DNC/Obama thing is a little much for me), and Bill Van Dusen (know very little about – does anyone? – except runs with the same crowd as the above).

If what this group does or says (look at that list again) aligns with your thinking, then there are your candidates.

If not, then you know who to vote against.

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