Markey’s absurd statement about the Public Option

Congresswoman Betsy Markey made an absurd statement when she visited Longmont to talk about health care last week that no one seems to be questioning. And then she repeated it last night during her tele-town hall.

Markey claims the premiums for the government-run public option will cover the entire cost of the program. She said the public option will not be subsidized with taxpayer dollars the way Medicare and Medicaid need to be.

How is that possible? Watch this Daily Times Call video. She makes the statement just over half way through the video:

Insurance only works when you have a majority of healthy people paying premiums so the insurance company has money to pay the bills of those who get sick. The government public option program will attract all the sick people who currently can’t afford the premiums of private insurance or the people who can’t get private insurance because of preexisting conditions. If the government program accepts all these people, the premiums would have to be incredibly high to pay for the medical treatment these people need.

But this public option promises to offer health insurance premiums that are affordable. This can’t work unless doctors are forced to accept these patients at very reduced rates, the government forces lots of healthy people into the public system, or the premiums for the public option need to be extremely high. There is no other way it can work and still be solvent.

Betsy isn’t thinking through what she is saying. What am I missing here?

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