Pot, meet kettle Pt. 1

You know, contrary to what some may think, I get along with just about anybody.  Even those I vehemently disagree with, poke fun at, or campaign vigorously against it’s nothing personal, until they make it personal.  Case in point: this week was three busy days of being out and about at various activities here in Longmont.  We (we being my wife and I) met a lot of people, shook a lot of hands, saw some old friends, made some new ones, and met people who knew me but not vice versa.  Inevitably one is bound to bump into those you have disagreed with, poked fun at, etc – which did happen.

At the unveiling of art at the airport and the reception that followed, we had a nice chat with Councilmember Sean McCoy – no, Hell didn’t freeze over.  Unlike some others I’ve seen who go out of their way to make people uncomfortable in public, it’s just not how I operate – even if it involves someone I have lots of reasons to be unhappy with (no need to rehash), many of them personal. While my schedule hasn’t allow me to attend the Airport Advisory Board meetings since Mr. McCoy became the council liaison, I do appreciate the pro-airport/aviation comments he makes at City Council.  I failed to mention it at the time, so I am now.  We also agreed Longmont is a great place to live.

Another person who had a bone to pick with me following last years Special Election was Richard Juday.  Much of his displeasure was over the infamous mailer that had my Wrongmont site name on, but that I had nothing to do with, nor did I want my site name on.  The second I saw it I knew it was going to be a hassle I didn’t want and didn’t ask for.  But I listened courteously for a couple of hours, found out many things we had in common, but made it clear (and I’ll make it clear as well) that I make no apologies for fighting for what I believe, and if anyone is expecting any apologies, they probably shouldn’t.

It also needs to be pointed out (and for you that read me regularly, you already know this) that most of what occurred during that election season was quotes and stances just being repeated.  When someone, especially someone running for elected office, has their positions and talking points (or voting record) out there for the world to see, they are open to scrutiny on those positions.  That’s mostly how I operate and always have, and I knew all I (or others) had to do was just repeat what this particular candidate said, did, or stood for and the election process would follow its natural course.  And it did.  Again, no apologies, and I sure don’t apologize for success.  But again, it’s not personal.

That long introduction leads us to something I do take personally, infringing on my freedom of speech.  Mr. Juday is partially responsible for the Elections Task Force (he demanded it after the last election) and the Fair Campaign Practices Act that it spawned.  That alone was bad enough in how it created an atmosphere of convoluted rules, fines, and stifling of free expression.  But it must not have gone far enough as now Mr. Juday wants a Civil Campaigns Committee.  There is so much to say on this subject, including examples of fairly uncivil behavior by supporters of Mr. Juday (“What’s In It For Longmont” members, including Kaye Fissinger for starters) that the hypocrisy and double standards are breathtaking.  This, and the supposedly Fair Campaign Practices Act are such an affront to the First Amendment it will take more than one blog entry to cover in detail.  So stay tuned…

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