Longmont Ledger or Leecher?

In what appears to be the last YourHub to be delivered to Longmont, I saw on page 3 something that made me chuckle.  Apparently the YourHub print edition, which comes in Thursday’s Denver Post will be replaced by the Longmont Ledger (not to be confused with the Longmont Leader) on Sundays.  This will also be part of the Sunday Boulder Daily Camera.  That wasn’t the funny part, this is:

It said “On October 25, we will re-launch the Longmont Ledger, the oldest newspaper in Boulder County, established in 1879.”  Sounds pretty romantic, including a history of this newspaper and the recently deceased owner .  Now the Denver Post/Daily Camera has “adopted” this moniker and plan to make Mr. Robert Keeler (said former owner) “proud”.

Only one problem, most of the above story is complete bullflop.

Hearken back, not to 1879, but to September 25 – 2009.  “Camera launches Longmont Weekly” was a press release about a weekly joint publication between….drum roll, the Daily Camera and the Denver Post.  Now wait a sec, Longmont Weekly?  Longmont Ledger? What’s the story?  Turns out the wizards at each of these non-Longmont businesses didn’t look into the actual registration and/or trademark of the Longmont Weekly name.  Ironically, it was already taken….

By the Longmont Daily Times-Call!  The very company these entities are trying to take advertising dollars and subscribers away from.  Is the term “carpetbagger” appropriate here?  What surprised me is that we haven’t heard Councilmembers Sean McCoy or Karen Benker suggest we use this new paper for our Legal Notice’s, since they sure don’t want them in the Times-Call but have offerred no realistic alternative.

I’m sure all of you “Shop Local” types, which Ms. Benker often pretends to advocate for, are appalled by this outside corporation (last I heard the DC is owned by the DP) trying to help put a local business under.  If so, perhaps some of you so-called local business supporters should cancel your Denver Post and Daily Camera subscriptions and subscribe to the Times-Call.

Or at least call the DP/DC on this desecration in the from of honoring the Longmont Ledger name by “adopting” it for themselves.  Of course you now know it sure wasn’t their first choice.

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