GUEST EDITORIAL: Rich Yale on Transition Towns

The Longmont City Council over the past two years has been following an accelerating attempt to transform Representative Government from representing the People of Longmont into representing Big Government instead.  At every step of the decline of protecting the People’s Liberty, the Progressives on Council have not only resisted but initiated legal force to block citizens from protection of  the U.S. Constitution.  As a result of not having consent to be the People’s Masters’, Secular Progressive Public Policies were rejected by the People of Longmont by landslides.

The Transition Town movement, the just past Council endorsed, published this article about Resilience Thinking and transition in Resurgence  magazine starting the article with,  Why ‘resilience thinking’ is a crucial missing piece of the climate-change jigsaw and why resilience is a more useful concept than sustainability Rob Hopkins, author is co-founder of the Transition Network; who connects the Transition Town movement together with his article he applies resilience scientific process to economics and government with the false assumption the Constitution is defective because it restricts Big Government’s otherwise unlimited power:

Resilience; “the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and reorganize while undergoing change, so as to retain essentially the same function, structure, identity and feedbacks“. Ms. Fissinger’s ungraceful rejection of the voter’s decision and insulting them for being bought or buying their candidate’s election is beyond preposterous. It does not matter how much money is spent or not spent on a candidate, what does matter is whether they honor, obey and abide by the terms of their Oath of Office. Ms Fissinger is a reminder why everyone should pay equal vigilance over their freedoms as they pay watching their banking and credit. There is someone who wants it if you aren’t looking.

Rich Yale

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