Longmont Dems: “Pray for locusts”

These gracious words come as no surprise to me, it’s pretty much what I’ve been saying all along.  Thought you might like to know about the people who thought they controlled this city for the last 2 years.  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

LAD (Longmont Area Democrats) member Shari Malloy has some very important words to share with you:

“The Progressive Voice in Longmont received a giant set-back in our local city council election Tuesday and in 2 out of 3 environmentally friendly county ballot measures. How debilitating the impact is up to us. Our city election could be a microcosm of future local, state, and national elections….

We could pray for locusts in Longmont, but we live here too…. Here’s some alternatives that might be more productive:

1.  November 9 at 7pm
Come to the swearing in ceremony on Monday night wearing BLUE. 7:00 at City Council (CC) Chambers at Civic Center. Apparently the Council will be assigning City Council members to the various boards and commissions they will serve on.  Sean, Brian and Sarah need a showing of support so they don’t get ousted out of the positions they currently hold including P and Z, Historic Longmont, Board of Environmental Affairs etc. It will be much harder for the newly bought CC members to carry out their partisan agenda with lots of people in blue shirts thre watching… There will be some signs and bumper stickers (hopefully) available for you to have/use if interested.
November 10 at 7pm
2. Attend Tuesday and future CC mtgs and always wear blue.
(might I suggest red with a single yellow stripe down the back might be more appropriate?)

November 11 at 6:30pm
3. Attend a “What Now?” (If you’re looking for suggestions, how about a long walk off a short pier?) meeting to debrief the outcome of this election and discuss next steps. Thursday 11/12 at 6:30 p.m. 2713 15th Ave. Longmont 80503 (west of Hover) Home of Charles and Caroline Hanson. 720-684-6827. SNACKS and Deb Gardner playing the piano!”
(thank you Shari)
On a personal note: Thank you to all of the candidates that ran this year.  Congratulations to Debbie Lammers for her victory. Roger Lange and Karen Benker left council too soon. Bill Van Dusen, Strider Benston, Kaye Fissinger, all fought the good fight. They deserve our appreciation. I choose to honor our candidates by rededicating myself to civic action. I hope to see many of you next week and beyond.

Jonathan Singer

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4 Responses to Longmont Dems: “Pray for locusts”

  1. Dave Larison says:

    Defeated Dems say, “It will be much harder for the newly bought CC members to carry out their partisan agenda with lots of people in blue shirts there watching.”

    Oh yeah? Bryan Baum is not the creampuff that Roger Lange was as mayor and moderator; Baum won’t let some partisan peanut gallery make a circus out of council meetings.

  2. This is disgusting. So much for Jonathan Singer and his niceness. And to think that when Katie Witt had a complaint filed against her by Shari Malloy to the Election Committee, that afterwards Katie approached Shari Malloy and apologized for inconveniencing her. Apparently apologizing to someone doesn’t garner weight with someone like Shari Malloy because she then turned around and filed further paperwork. Glad the EC saw that there was no valid complaint and dismissed the complaint Ms Malloy had made against Katie Witt.

    Now they want local area Dems to rally and show partisan backlash against the newest councilmembers? Wearing blue (which ironically is one of Katie Witt’s campaign colors) and carry signs and bumper stickers?

    Jonathan Singer (and Shari Malloy) should be ashamed for not trying to unite Longmont’s city council. Not a good tone to set.

    p.s. I have always supported Mayor Lange, he’s a good man. But I didn’t this election. And I also say congrats to Debbie Lammers…I voted for her too.

  3. I’m aware Jonathan Singer didn’t write the majority of this, but if he wants to lead by example, he should have discouraged Shari Malloy from putting this out into distribution.

    Not a good foot to put forward to encourage civility in Longmont…

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