Ten answers to 10 questions from the losers

Despite an overwhelming rejection of Progressive ideology by Longmont voters in the November elections, local Dem activist Shari Malloy persists on publicizing “10 questions for new Longmont City Council.” It’s complete with the usual left-wing undertones, and since you asked…

1. Will Mayor Baum keep his campaign promise to improve diversity on Longmont Boards & Commissions?

Improved diversity on city boards is certainly desirable, but not to the point of artificial quotas for the sake of political correctness. Prospective board members should be qualified and balanced and not appointed to serve some partisan agenda, something we saw with the previous council (by 4-3 Bloc appointees).

2. Will this City Council commit to completing the purchase of the Adrian Property by Union Reservoir for Longmont Open Space?

Unfortunately in these tight budget times, the $8.1 million Adrian property purchase is all but a done deal, pushed heavily on the city by Longmont’s radical enviro crowd. You could see the entire bunch of Progressives beaming in glee at the city council meeting when the resolution was approved. Most objectionable with this financial agreement is a $2.29 million “loan” from the city’s Fleet Fund, required to be paid back in 18 months with an additional interest cost of over $110,000. If the city’s Open Space Fund can’t support it’s portion of the Adrian purchase, then tough luck, no deal. Open space is not the Holy Grail of all things in Longmont as it is in Boulder. Can you imagine how the enviros would be screaming if the city’s open space funds were loaned out for a much-needed purchase of snowplows or trash trucks?

3. Will this Council work cooperatively together beginning with allowing current Council members to retain their representation on their preferred boards and commissions?

Of course they will work cooperatively, since we are now rid of the partisan left-wing Bloc and its shenanigans.

4. Will this Council keep Longmont’s ice rink open?

Yes, it’s an attractive recreational resource, but with the understanding that it is not the highest spending priority should a budget crunch come down to essential services.

5. Will this Council continue to protect Longmont’s eastern border & autonomy by keeping the lawsuit challenging Firestone’s intended encroachment?

“Protect” from what, an invading army of mongols? LifeBridge Church has every right to relocate and build on it’s purchased land (well east of Longmont’s borders) and Firestone has every right to annex. The lawsuits against Firestone and the hate displayed against LifeBridge will go down as one of the most deplorable episodes in Longmont’s history. The great majority of city residents were against the lawsuits as shown by the new Council being elected in a landslide.

6. Will this Council work with the many residents of Longmont who have identified environmental issues as a top priority for Longmont in the Focus on Longmont forums?

Sorry Progressives, but environmental issues are not even close to the highest priority in latest Longmont public surveys. The November elections proved that as well.

Specifically, will they: a) move forward with a stepped up comprehensive waste diversion program including volume-based fee structure & curbside collection of organics?

Trash collections and single-stream recycling are working fine as it is; we don’t need to go overboard with enviro-madness like Boulder. You can bet a “carbon tax” would come next by following the Boulder path.

b) continue the work to humanely mitigate the prairie dog issue?

Face it, the rights of animals in no way should take priority over the welfare and prosperity of humans. Eradication is the only practical solution in most prairie dog cases.

c) work to reduce climate change by encouraging Platte Power to use less coal and more renewable energy for Longmont’s electricity? And d) Step up the green points program by following the Board of Environmental Affairs recommendations?

With each passing day global warming is being exposed as a hoax. Longmont residents should not be subject to increased economic burden due to green mania and leftist political agendas.

7. Will this Council continue to fully fund all the non profits in Longmont?

Again it is a matter of priorities and what the budget may dictate. Full funding of non-profits cannot be guaranteed.

8. Will this Council uphold Longmont’s Fair Campaign Practices Act?

Not if the gerrymandered LFCPA is full of holes and in some parts ruled unconstitutional.

9. Will this Council protect Longmont’s assets in public/private partnerships like the mall redevelopment?

Working with financial assets is right up the alley of new Mayor Bryan Baum’s expertise. He’ll do fine for the city.

10. Will this Council provide oversight to insure the mall redevelopment will be an economic success for the City of Longmont and not just the developer?

Refreshingly, this Council is not anti-capitalistic like Boulder and will not treat Panattoni as a big, bad, evil developer.

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