Enviro board stopped in its tracks

It’s becoming obvious that radical environmentalism is one of the chief weapons left-wing Progressives use to impose their socialistic will on individuals, businesses, and free markets. We see it on the national scene with a deluge of climate change propaganda and carbon cap & trade talk, and locally with green building mania and open space overkill.

It seems the city of Longmont’s Board of Environmental Affairs (BEA) wanted to get in on the act as well, not surprisingly with lefty zealots Kaye Fissinger and Richard Juday onboard as dominating members. The BEA proposed an ordinance to change the municipal code so they could “proactively” provide input to city council. In other words, they could stick their noses in all city business and affairs as only enviro-Statist types know how to do.

But newly-elected Longmont Mayor Bryan Baum would have no part of this Progressive power play. In perhaps his finest moment to date as mayor, Baum put the BEA in its place as seen in this council meeting video…

The BEA ordinance was subsequently tabled on first reading with Councilmembers Baum, Santos, Witt, and Sammoury voting against the proposal, and three predictable votes in favor by Democrats McCoy, Hansen, and Levison. In a related move later in the meeting, Richard Juday’s seat on the BEA was not extended by councilmembers voting in the same way.

Longmont is already reaping the rewards of a new conservative and principled council majority, not the mindless left-wing activism of the bygone Benker Bloc.

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