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Like I’ve said before, with every word you’re either preaching to the choir or ticking off those that never agree with you.  Luckily that first group are the normal, decent people in the city and I’ve met a lot of them.  The latter group most of you don’t know and wouldn’t want to associate with.  From time to time, but not very often, I decide to deal with these cockroaches in one form or another.  (Fans of the site may get bored, my feelings won’t be hurt if you stop reading here)

At a recent Longmont City Council meeting I put to rest a bunch of misinformation about my appointment to the Airport Advisory Board.  As if on cue, and probably practicing for hours or days, the same detractor who went to great lengths to question my appointment approached me.  In the expected rude and cowardly manner that these people operate she made some snotty comment (which was uninformed drivel) and then without wanting to hear any response practically ran out of council chambers.  Literally.

Then there’s our local version of, hmm, I guess paparazzi?  You know the kind you see and love that follow people around, hound them, sniffing at their heels, taking their pictures, etc.  The leeches that latch on to people who matter in some way.  Well, I guess I’ve moved into the position of being hounded by these types.  The funniest part is all the stuff they attribute to me furthering this position; like attributing websites and comments I have nothing to do with.

It’s hilarious how on one hand I’m accused of commenting under a nickname in all corners of the web, yet at the same time hear complaints that my actual name is getting too much ink!  Man, do I get around!  It’s almost superhuman, and pretty much impossible as I have a life, family, and career.  And these losers know that as they try to pry into every part of your life in and out of politics.  See, cockroaches and leeches aren’t too far off, right?

Let’s set this straight.  When I want to be seen, heard, or read, I can make it happen.  I don’t need to beg or hide in an anonymous fashion. Whether it be a Guest Editorial in the Times-Call, or this blog – which as soon as I publish gets an instant hundred views on average.  Not bragging, just the way it is.  When I wrote for Examiner.Com I was always in the Top 5 in the nation for my category, which was a pretty big and broad category.  When I submitted my suggestions to the Election Committee (EC) for changes to the Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act (LFCPA), my name showed up more than any actual member in the communication to City Council on proposed changes – and I’m not even on the committee.  Was it because it was me?  No.  It’s because they were good and common sense suggestions.  

I’ve been called the Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck of Longmont, but how about E.F. Hutton?  Their motto:  “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.

Apparently, if you read and believe what some of these detractors say, I’m mostly responsible for how this last election went!  Well, okay, if you say so.  I did volunteer to varying degrees, but mostly (if you believe what they say) I did the most damage right here from this keyboard.  Okay, I’ll accept that, too.  It appears to be a winning formula, and one I intend to repeat as often as necessary.  And that is the issue, when you get right down to it.  They hate it when I’m right and when I win.  Whether it’s the recent LFCPA lawsuit, the recent election, how their elected leaders are all falling flat on their face – see, I’m responsible for all of that!  If you recall, even a clueless councilmember credited me with lost jobs and slumping home sales.

How can one person do all this?  They can’t, and these people are delusional to put it mildly, on top of being obsessed.  I don’t read it all, I get emails about it, but why waste my time with the cretins of Longmont?  What purpose does it serve?  And why should I even respond to any of it?  The airport board thing, yeah, the record needed to be set straight there.  But the rest of this…it borders on the hysterical, as in nuts, not funny.  You probably won’t see any of it unless you really go hunting as reputable online sites remove these comments, and NO, not by any of my doing (yet another charge hurled at me).  If only I had half the power and influence credited to me.  But thanks anyway.

The other beaut is this claim that I’m trying to silence people.  As I made very clear in comments at an EC Meeting (directed at local loon Kaye Fissinger, but applicable to them all), I’d never dream of wanting to silence any of them.  It’s comedy gold and more fodder than I know what to do with.  I think they realize this, which when they get made fun of, or worse, not getting the attention they crave, they get even more abrasive.  Now I’ve been made aware of another local leftwing lunatic fringer that is mentioning me by name and taking pictures of me and posting them to a Flickr account.  This is the same clown that had to apologize for making a physical threat against me, and was told by the local police to stop referencing me – which lasted for a little while (sort of like that apology for threatening me with a 2×4) but apparently not enough people are paying attention to him lately.

Oh, did I mention they hate the name WRONGMONT?!  My crown jewel.

Anyway, you may or may not know who these people are.  If you do, you know they are some of the most hateful and miserable people you’d ever run across.  If it lacks common sense, they’re for it.  If it’s anything of a traditional nature, they’re against it.  Some even claim to be Christian yet spew some of the nastiest anti-religious and anti-Christian hyperbole you’ll ever hear.  And they aren’t just merely losers, they’re sore losers.  And I’m more than happy to help continue their losing streak.

See how this is a rare treat, this time being wasted on them – eh, it’s a slow news day.

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