Global warming snake oil

As the FlatEarth NoGrowth GlobalWarming Hustlers slowly start to fade into obscurity, in other words exactly where they belong, the Times-Call ran a Guest Editorial from I guess what would be a local version of Al Gore, Hunter Lovins.  This is sort of like watching a slow death march of those that believe the world is flat or that driving over 60mph will cause you to suffocate.  Sad, yet entertaining.

Yeah, I know we’re not supposed to say “global warming” anymore since they’ve changed the acceptable lingo to “climate change” since the whole “global warming” didn’t work out so well for them.  But we need to remember the past, and past mistakes, as to not repeat them.  And this fiasco was a whopper, these hucksters are nothing more than warmed over snake oil salesmen and women.  Pity the fools (nod to Mr. T) that still cling to this, the rest of us are laughing at you.

But let’s get to some specifics of Ms. Lovins National Enquirer-worthy editorial.  “Climate protection is profitable” she said in one of her bullet points.  Well, no, lately it turns out it’s not so much.  I point to this disturbing American Thinker article called “Wind Energy’s Ghosts” where it talks about the not so profitable or successful wind farms around the world.  A couple in particular I’ve seen in action, actually the word should be inaction.  One in the Tehachapi Mountains (pictured) of California and the other in Hawaii.  They say a picture tells a thousand words, the picture at the right reminds me of old, dead oil wells in Texas from the last century.  This is the state of wind technology, and it’s falling apart.

This article is a must read, but if you can’t bring yourself to clicking the link I’ll provide some highlights for you:

  • “…the disembodied voices of 37 skeletal wind turbines abandoned to rust on the hundred-acre site of the former Kamaoa Wind Farm (Hawaii)”
  • “European wind developers are fleeing the EU’s expiring wind subsidies, shuttering factories, laying off workers, and leaving billions of Euros of sovereign debt and a continent-wide financial crisis in their wake…they are tapping a new vein of lucre from the taxpayers and ratepayers of the United States.”
  • “Five other abandoned wind sites dot the Hawaiian Isles”
  • “Thousands of abandoned wind turbines littered the landscape of wind energy’s California “big three” locations — Altamont Pass, Tehachapi, and San Gorgonio”
  • “In the best wind spots on earth (California’s “big three”), over 14,000 turbines were simply abandoned.  Spinning, post-industrial junk which generates nothing but bird kills
  • “Palm Springs was forced to enact an ordinance requiring their removal
  • 10,000 annual bird deaths from Altamont Pass wind turbines
  • “No coal or nuclear power plant has ever been replaced by wind energy.”
  • “BP closed down the two largest solar production plants in Europe.  They are firing between 25,000 and 40,000 people….” 

So much for the Green economy providing jobs.  And here’s the crux of the issue that shoots basketball sized holes into Ms. Lovin’s thoughts and agenda: “(this from Spain) the only way is finding other countries that will give taxpayers’ money away to our industry to take it and continue maintaining these jobs.”

That “other country” is the United States of America.

Waxman-Markey (HR2454, the so-called American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009) seems dead, and Europe’s southern periphery is bankrupt.  But the wind-subsidy proposals being floated in Congress suggest that American political leaders have yet to understand that “green power” means generating electricity by burning dollars.”
This whole war on CO2 is a confusing one with the whole photosynthesis thing and all, and that of all the greenhouse gasses, water vapor really is the most prevalent.  But arguing with these global warming types is an exercise in futility as no matter what the weather is doing, it’s caused by global warming, even if it’s freezing, and it’s all man-made.

Never forget the saying that “Green is the new Red” (Red as in Communist) and these nutjobs are just fine destroying the world economy, having us all live in mud huts, and crapping in dug out holes in our backyard.  They have places like that around the world, oddly I don’t see people rushing to get in to those places, but out.  But these fine folks should feel free to locate there and take their spent CO2 with them.  Considering things like toothpaste, deodorant, makeup, and hair color are apparently (and obviously) taboo to them, we’d all be better off if they bolted ASAP.

(emphasis added / pic source: American Thinker)

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One Response to Global warming snake oil

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ooooh, watch out. Local greenies are writing elsewhere with the assumption that you don’t know who Hunter Lovins is. LOL.

    Obviously you do, as your contributing writer (and wife), the Longmont Examiner wrote about her and the Sustainable Harvest Fair back in 2008 when it was held at Skyline High School.

    FYI: Not all right leaners are anti-environment as the local left like to try to point out. Questioning whether the global warmers, climate changers, etc are feeding us a load of bull or not and whether it’s the right time to pump so much money into it is the sensible thing to do.

    I’m also aware that you supported Alex Sammoury for city council, who is a supporter of green energy, so you’re not all bad. LOL.

    Nice to see that you’re not afraid to question things you read!

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