Longmont loons on parade

Enjoy the video below of highlights of Public Invited To Be Heard at the June 8, 2010 Longmont City Council meeting.  It’s bad enough unedited, but I had to add my special touch to help get you all the way through it

In the video I reference some articles, and here they are:

My guest editorial which started quite a firestorm, in it’s full unedited version, was called “Tantrums as a tactic” and had to do with Councilmember Sarah Levison’s abhorrent behavior during a council meeting.

Also, the piece I wrote that Strider Benston labeled as “assault” was “Neverending record correcting“.  I won’t let these bums (literally and/or figuratively) lie about me or what I’ve said, regardless if they’re elected or not.  Everything I write is right here to be read and verified.
Lastly, in the paper, online, and in this video Sarah Levison keeps being described as “prepared”.  Too often to be a coincidence.  So here’s a new product with this in mind.

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