Sammoury shines in otherwise ludicrous council meeting

This is basically Part 2 of 3 of the June 8, 2010 Longmont City Council meeting.  First was “Longmont loons on parade” where I showed a group of citizens basically making themselves look like the south end of a horse.  Thankfully, now I’ll go from shameful to uplifting, as I present you the presentation that Councilmember Alex Sammoury made.  And attention nutjobs:  his name rhymes with the spanish word amore, not Toyota Camry.  This video is solid gold, the best of the group (mainly because the next one of Councilmember Sarah Levison is mostly pathetic).

When I wrote in “Free to be deranged and delusional” that Maybe it’s time to invoke RULE 19 she (Sarah Levison) so loves where someone on council who voted in favor of something can bring it back for reconsideration. It’s in the charter, lets put it to good use“, I didn’t actually expect it to happen – nor did I write council members demanding or asking for it either.  I’m actually more pragmatic than people may assume, and figured this was going to be more than a hassle than it was worth.  Even though Ms. Levison tried repeatedly to invoke this rule to oust me from the Airport Advisory Board.  I hoped that if anyone tried it, they’d better make it pretty damn convincing.

Alex Sammoury did.

As you can see in the video, he went point by point quite methodically why it was appropriate to question the judgment, fairness, and representational skills of Ms. Levison.  He also answered many if not all of the ridiculous charges and insults by the people who yelled at council during Public Invited To Be Heard.  Those people were Sarah Levison’s people, make no mistake, and she is their councilmember – along with Sean McCoy and Brian Hansen (all up for reelection in 2011). 

I especially liked how Mr. Sammoury answered the critics who go on and on about democracy.  Someone has to say the following, and this is me talking, not Mr. Sammoury:  Their brand of “democracy” isn’t what you and I think it is – it’s closer to things like Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (aka North Korea), German Democratic Republic (the old communist East Germany), and various groups with “democratic” or “democracy” as part of their name who are really Socialist or Communist in nature.  And no, I’m not talking about the Democratic Party in this country, although their big tent no doubt includes these people.  Use extreme caution when people overuse that word (unless their oblivious to how others are using it) as their agenda is often the complete opposite of democracy.  Their intent is mob rule – not what our country was founded on.

He went through actual votes, not the mob’s twisting of what they think occurred.  This was all fact-based, and brilliant.  See, some play on emotion and the hope that the casual observer will buy their particular brand of swill – why not, it worked for Barack Obama.  Serious people can just present the facts, as boring as they may appear to the screamers and drama queens.  The other thing to keep in mind is that the loons are not very original and have been stealing ideas for quite a while now.  I’m not going to bother going down the long list, but the latest is now assign the word “bloc” to some on council in the way it was correctly assigned to the former “Benker Bloc” that was in charge from ’07-’09.  Mr. Sammoury destroyed this concept as he pointed out that 74% of the votes taken since the election of 2009 were unanimous (for you in Boulder or leftwingers in Longmont, that means 7-0).  Only 8% were 4-3 with the same four council members.

Then other councilmembers said Mr. Sammoury got his feelings hurt, or some such nonsense, nevermind the factual argument he presented.  It’s funny how the followers of those three councilmembers (Levison, McCoy, and Hansen) say how smart these elected officials are – they looked anything but intelligent at this meeting.  Mr. Sammoury made it clear that it wasn’t himself that was offended, but that she disrespected the office of City Council – by her childish and vindictive behavior (my words, not his).

Mayor Bryan Baum was right on the money that people “shouldn’t be given a pass” for how Ms. Levison conducts herself.  He and Mayor Pro Tem Gabe Santos both said they voted against her the first time (and then a second time) because she was not what they considered to be a good representative for Longmont.  And they’re right.  Unfortunately, Councilmember Katie Witt again voted to endorse Ms. Levison for the Colorado Municipal League (CML), which based on the video was obviously a difficult thing to do.  This was a mistake.

I am no fan of “go along to get along” when you are dealing with agenda-driven partisan ideological goons, which is exactly what we have with Progressive Majority-trained hacks like Karen Benker and Sean McCoy – and their fellow travelers like Sarah Levison.  Try as they may to act like they’re just like your next door neighbor, normal everyday people – they’re not.  They’re groomed by the same failed leadership of this (currently) blue state and federal government.  They wanted total control, and got it – and are failing miserable at every level.  Longmont was quick in correcting this mistake in ’09 and not a single liberal/progressive was voted into office (one was voted OUT as a matter of fact).

Alex Sammoury called it like it was, and is sure to become Public Enemy #1 for daring to do so.   I say don’t worry about it – they were never going to vote for him anyway and good riddance to bad rubbish.  Job well done.

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2 Responses to Sammoury shines in otherwise ludicrous council meeting

  1. Anonymous says:

    This also reminded me of how Mayor Baum was attacked for quite some time afterwards by the radical leftists in town after he was abrupt with a speaker who was rude to him.

    Yet it was at the same meeting that Council McCoy replied to a speaker who also spoke at that same town hall forum meeting that what the speaker said was “right out of the Republican playbook”. Interesting that no known Republican in town went after him for such a statement.

    This is the kind of partisan leftist agenda that we have in town. Screaming and attacking from the left at council meetings, most of which is based on partisanship and not reason.

    I’ve watched it long enough to know the radical partisans in this town have an obvious agenda and that is to stick to party lines, regardless of what is reasonable as that which Councilmember Sammoury spoke of. Knowing that he has friends on the “left” side of party lines, it was unfortunate that some of them turned on him before he had a chance to speak.

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