Exposing the progressive enviros

A couple of tell-it-like-it-is letters appeared in local newspapers on July 7, 2010, both revealing the truth about progressives and their extremist brand of environmentalism…

Progressives forget that voters spoke in November

Longmont Daily Times-Call

A noisy band of hard left progressives in Longmont seems to forget the fact that their ideology was soundly defeated in last November’s City Council elections.

The council winners may have garnered more contributions, but that hardly translated into the election being bought or some other imagined evil. Candidates won because more voters trusted their message and outlook for Longmont.

In sports, the winning team can always counter the loser’s taunts by saying, “we’ve got scoreboard.”

In other words, the losers can gripe endlessly but it won’t change the point total (or votes) on the scoreboard.

You lost, progressives; deal with it some other place, preferably Boulder.

Enough of your anti-business and anti-God mentality and your overbearing worship of the environment.

It only serves to hinder the progress of Longmont.

Dave Larison

Tangled up in environmentalists’ “green tape”
The Denver Post

Re: “‘Green tape’ tangles projects; Local rancor, state regulations and the U.S. recession stymie lofty clean-power plans,” June 27 news story.

Reporter Jason Blevins highlights a vital national issue, as energy projects are being held hostage by a tiny minority of environmentalists.

One of the case-studies Mr. Blevins mentions is a uranium mill proposed near my home in Montrose County. The mill enjoys overwhelming local and regional support. Mr. Blevins opens his story in Telluride, a community 70 miles away. There, a small but well-organized group of opponents is using “green tape” to stop our mill.

Most of these folks are not NIMBYs, unless their “backyards” extend 70 miles from where they live.The article mentions the term BANANA — Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything. I think this is a better way to describe them. They simply don’t want development to occur anywhere. Most disturbingly, they are becoming experts at gaming the political and regulatory systems to achieve their extremist goals.

James D. Black, Redvale

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