What a Co-ink-you-stink

It’s been quite interesting to follow the news that multiple media outlets are asking Colorado Pols to stop using such large excerpts of original material when giving birth to their own articles.

Colorado Pols apparently doesn’t like to be told what to do and has thrown a hissy fit instead of addressing a legitimate concern and show desire to remain among the respected news sources.

Reminds me of a local Longmont thumb sucking spawn that calls itself a ‘website’ and proclaims itself to be “progressively better news”, yet frequently commits the same abuse of original material, frequently stealing large excerpts from long standing local news sources like our local Daily Times Call. All in the name of being (insert gasp here) “independent”.

A recent “do I have to” look at this spawn, showed in just one entry alone that they posted, they reprinted half of an original piece from a legitimate news source. How nice of them to give a link at the end of it to read the other half of something they didn’t create. And then to mock and ridicule those long standing news sources for trying to stay afloat and retain ad revenue.

Luckily for the thumb sucking spawn, a real local reporter once told us that they consider those who are at this spawn (and are sucking off the breast of real news sources) to be irrelevant. And besides, they aren’t Colorado Pols…so the chance of being sued is greatly decreased for them. (Please don’t exhale just yet, libel and the use of pictures of minors without their parents permission doesn’t earn you brownie points in the real media world either).

Why write about it? Because the hack behind the Longmont spawn likes to post links to Colorado Pols and frequently bickers with the very sources they too steal from. Let this be a lesson to you at this “progressively better news” spawn, you really are much better at providing fodder for legitimate websites than you are at copying the original material of “real ones”.

Keep telling your readers that you “expose bias of any kind in other local media” when it’s the very local media you criticize that you’re pilfering material from.

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