Buescher proves incompetence as CO Sec of State

Bernie Buescher, current Democrat Colorado Secretary of State, has made a couple of large gaffes in the last couple of days showing his unfitness to serve in his appointed position.  He was appointed, not elected, to his present post by Governer Bill Ritter after losing his bid for Colorado House District 55 – this in the wave election of 2008 that brought Democrats control of state and federal governments.

First, there was the not-so publicized case of “Clear The Bench“, an issue committee with the stated purpose of removing members of the Colorado Supreme Court.  Whether you agree with this group or their agenda or not, here’s the problem and where Bernie Buescher figures in:  Clear The Bench was advised by the Secretary of State’s office to file the way they did, as an issue’s committee.  A different judge, with help from left-leaning Colorado Ethics Watch, ruled that Clear The Bench violated campaign laws for not filing as a political group.  And who’s fault would that be?  Secretary of State Bernie Buescher’s.

Then today (September 29, 2010) the Associated Press reports that a campaign finance complaint has been filed against Bernie Buescher “claiming the Democrat broke the law by using state workers to coordinate his campaign for re-election“.  The official in charge of administering election laws, not only doesn’t seem to know these laws, but breaks them himself!

Also, on Bernie Buescher’s campaign website, there are images of the seal of the Colorado Secretary of State in about 28 places.  Many of his campaign photos were taken right in his office and it’s obvious he’s using the state facilities as a political backdrop, and apparently allowing political workers to come into the offices for campaign shoots.  In the “Media” section of his website you can even see his Secretary of State business cards in the “Photos” section.  Pictured at right is his Twitter pic, which also includes the seal of the Colorado Secretary of State.

It’s clear that Bernie Buescher is unfit to serve in his capacity of Secretary of State, and ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Voters need to send a strong message that incompetence will not be tolerated in those who oversee our state laws.  Bernie Buescher needs to join Bill Ritter in retirement 

Full disclosure:  Mr. Buescher’s opponent in this race is Scott Gessler, who was my attorney in a First Amendment/Campaign Law lawsuit in which we prevailed.  I saw Scott in action in court, and it was obvious he knows campaign law, and he’d be a perfect fit in the job of Secretary of State.  But regardless of my affiliation with Scott, Bernie Buescher’s behavior should be unacceptable to every voter regardless of their political persuasion.

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