Longmont gives up HeavenFest for Lent

It was reported today in the Times-Call (through sister publication Loveland Reporter-Herald) that “county staff were quick to jump at the opportunity to work with HeavenFest organizers…”  You didn’t think that was the ever religion-unfriendly Boulder County did you?  Or their elected and non-elected religious/political hit squad here in Longmont?  Nope, that’s Larimer County and the City of Loveland.

Back in March 2008, Longmont City Councilmember Sean McCoy was outraged (YouTube video here) by Firestone Mayor Mike Simone‘s comments about how some in Longmont, including Mr. McCoy and other councilmembers, were perceived to be anti-religion.  I concurred with that opinion, especially in regards to the loyal mouthpieces of the “Benker Bloc“.  It continues to this day.  The issue isn’t being atheist or against organized religion – I could care less if someone practices any religion, or none at all – just don’t shove it in my face and tell me your way is the right way and mine or anyone else’s is wrong.  Mr. McCoy, Karen Benker and their “What’s In It For Longmont” and “Anti-Union Annex” pals took it a step further and derided members of certain churches and religions.  Real class acts – not.

But on Mr. McCoy’s comment about certain “affiliations” of councilmembers (another item I don’t care about) and his defense that they aren’t anti-religious (except I guess for their own “affiliations”, whatever they may be – again I don’t care) and the evidence of their words and actions say otherwise.  They did go after LifeBridge Christian Church beyond just the annexation, they did go after Front Range Christian Fellowship Church when they wanted a small expansion, they did go after Rocky Mountain Christian Church and their court battle against Boulder County, and they did go after HeavenFest before, during, and after the event last summer.  So excuse me if I call Mr. McCoy and the others frauds.  Why not just embrace who and what you are?  Voters like honesty, even if they disagree with it.

You smiled away as your anti-religious hit squad paraded in front of council over the LifeBridge and HeavenFest situations, employing “conflicted Catholics” and supposed prairie dog experts of questionable background knowledge.  They each had their talking points organized and handed to them to cover every possible angle – something tells me certain councilmembers were privy to this, but they’d never say.  They had writers send letters to the Times-Call ridiculing LifeBridge and the HeavenFest organizers assigning them cute names and dubious accusations.  Mr. McCoy, and former councilmember Benker (again, for getting rid of that, you’re welcome) were trained in the Progressive Majority ways, so I personally have no doubt they were right there planning with the political goons doing their dirty work for them.

Again, for the record I have no affiliation with any of the above religious organizations, and I know there were some legitimate issues of concern.  I know of vendors at HeavenFest who felt shafted by them, etc.  These were issues that could have and should have been ironed out prior to the next event, but weren’t Earth shattering and deal breakers.  But our local loony lefties are no doubt yet again dancing on another religious grave – considering their significant political losses in the last couple of years I guess they need something to celebrate, no matter how seamy it is.

But the stink of that burning pyre will stick to councilmembers like McCoy, Sarah Levison, Brian Hansen and any of their fellow travelers who decide to run for election this fall – this you can count on.  I had no horses in any of those issues, didn’t affect me in the least.  But those that went beyond just voicing their civil opposition (which was most of them) took it way too far, and I and others intend to hold their feet to the fire.

You, once again, gave Longmont a bad name.  Most of Longmont wants to be inclusive and welcoming – you and your pals are the antithesis of that.  Allow me to help continue your losing streak.

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