Longmont’s Left incites violence

I’m a firm believer in the pen being mightier than the sword, and I wield said pen as often as possible.  I’ve found out over the last 10+ years here in Longmont that certain types of people turn to violent imagery and/or threats when they don’t get their way and have a hard time expressing themselves in words rather than violence.

Allow me to give some examples of actual threats and harassment, not paranoid stretches of the imagination.  You may have your own, and possibly worse, stories – and I know there’s a contingent of citizens who flat out refuse to get involved in local politics because of this harassment or at least the possibility of it based on experiences they’ve been made aware of.  Will I say they are all coming from one political direction?  No, because there may be situations no one is talking about or that I’m not aware of.  In our (our as in my family) case, it’s all coming from the leftwing of Longmont.

My first experience with this was what got me interested in city politics in the first place.  For following established airport rules, it was suggested I not only get my pilots license revoked, but I also should be shot (I have the voicemail audio).  This from airport neighbor and detractor Tom Zweck, he of Zweck Farms vegetable stand.  Once I found out the city was helping his anti-airport tirade with actual equipment with city funds (and he not being a city resident), Wrongmont was born.  What was wrong with Longmont?  That for starters.

On a couple of websites I wrote on, (YourHub, East Boulder County Politics, etc) threats and harassment pretty much came with the territory.  I wont bother naming a couple of these people as they’ve dropped off the Longmont scene, but I was reminded that I would be punched in the face had we ever met – at the very least.  A recurring theme you’ll see is people coming unarmed to a war of wits, and having to resort to violence to make up for it.  The closest I can find to anything close to that coming out of my mouth is calling these people the cockroaches that they are and a promise I will crush them politically – never leaving out that it’s meant figuratively.  They don’t include such disclaimers.

If someone that’s been belittling and harassing you said the following, how would you take it:  “This really wants me to open up a dialog with them…as soon as I can find a good, straight 2×4“.  These words were publicly uttered by M. Douglas Wray (What’s In It For Longmont, FreeRangeLongmont), which he later apologized for and offered to remove.  These apologies have short shelf lives and more was to come.

Recently, Mr. Wray and a friend had the following exchange about me on Facebook.

That’s a pretty clear cut case of coordination and inciting others to commit violence.  Obviously the local police are aware and keeping an eye on it, and at least Mr. Hofferber has seen the light and the error of his ways and won’t be doing this again.  Mr. Wray?  That’s not so clear according to conversations the police have had with him.  While I haven’t heard of any recent threats, when I saw him comment that his political rivals are inciting violence I had to comment, after laughing at the irony of the statement.  If someone is inciting violence, it’s wrong, but it sure isn’t me.

Even after these blatant threats, along with the spreading of lies and basically “WANTED” posters of me – I tried to make contact with Mr. Wray to resolve our differences – he showed no interest.  The Longmont Police however, did.  I’ve come to the conclusion this person is a provocative victim (look it up) and fancies himself a martyr.  Whatever, to each his own. Did I mention the repeated stalking/harassing of my wife, my job, my dead dog, any and all of my interests – and the list goes on and on.

Finally there’s the case of Longmont Area Democrat president John Bigger.  If you followed my podcasts, that name might sound familiar as I interviewed his band and played their music regularly.  But, like with many liberal/progressives in Boulder County, political differences trump all, and politics must get personal with them.  The 2009 Longmont election was a bloodbath for liberal/progressives as their candidates were not embraced by Longmont voters.  The Left in Longmont has been dealt one defeat after another since the Jan ’08 special election.  Needless to say they are not taking it well.  Why not take the biggest supporter of the biggest electoral loser (Karen Benker) and make them the president of LAD?  Brilliant strategy.

Their frustration was on display at a city council meeting not too long ago.  Some fairly uninformed people were giving second-hand opinions of the Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act lawsuit that I was a part of – the one I had first-hand knowledge of, considering it was me up on the actual stand.  One of these people was another former friend, Teresa Lichti, who has added herself to the list of people obsessed with every utterance of me and my wife (Brigette, the Longmont Examiner).  I called her out on her comments and Mr. Bigger inserted himself in the situation and offered to make the discussion physicalMayor Baum had to step in to get Ms. Lichti and the Bigger’s to act more appropriately for the setting in the council chambers.  It’s on video, although not all of it is decipherable.

In a nutshell, and I do mean nuts, this is the state of the Longmont Area Democrats and their leadership.  I believe Mr. Wray is even their webmaster – they’re all connected.  As much as they say Republicans have been hijacked by whoever, local Democrats have been hijacked by this local cabal of hard left ideologues.  The longer the association, the worse the fortunes for any candidate with a D next to their name.  See, that’s what we call a promise – not a threat.  It’s a promise kept over the last 3+ years, and one I promise to continue.

It is refreshing to see other Democrats show their disdain for the actions and words of those above (Lichti, Bigger’s, Wray, etc who come up with websites, anonymous comment and Twitter ID’s just to go after us) and they point out that it isn’t right to judge them all based on the poor decisions of a few.  But Longmont Democrats, know this: these are the people speaking the loudest on your behalf whether you know it or not – or like it or not.  They set the example for you, even though their relative numbers are small and voters do not agree with them.  Squeaky wheel and all that.  But when they lose – and they’ve been losing a lot – you lose.  Private comments aside, until there are some public condemnations, it can only be assumed these actions are condoned – even cheered on from the sidelines.  I suggest caution – free speech doesn’t extend to threats and harassment.

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Chris is the editor/publisher of LightningRod Blog - as well as founder/editor of Wrongmont, Longmont Advocate, Vote!Longmont, Longmont Politics, the LightningRod Radio Network, as well as being the original Longmont Examiner. Chris is a writer and talker - whether it be blogs, podcasts, music, or public speaking. When he's not heard on Air Traffic radio, he can be heard on his podcasts or seen in the local paper causing trouble.
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7 Responses to Longmont’s Left incites violence

  1. Hair Trigger says:

    The conclusion that Rod draws is correct, in my opinion. That being that LAD is being damaged by some of its members. I would call them the fringe element. (Taken from the McCoy playbook).
    That said, the Boulder GOP has also been detracted by some fringe elements as well.

    Liberal factions show have shown up in force at council sessions, with some strange ideas about elections law; the make up of the task force and the elections committee; and have made numerous personal attacks. The most memorable being one on Mayor Baum that turned up on Free Range Longmont and Mac Web Guru claiming that the Mayor is a Nazi and connected to the KKK. Mayor Baum has class, and rather that respond with lawyers, guns, and money, he preceded a CC session with this simple statement: “Baum is a Jewish name.” The authors of this infantile attack got a butt kicking from their LAD pals, or at least a cold shoulder. The LAD leadership that I spoke with was not happy with being drawn into personal warring factions.
    To be effective politically, hate speak must be removed from the equation.

    I was aware that Rod was being harassed by Doug Wray. It wasn’t a secret, because Mr. Wray was proud of it. Tit for tat, except that Wray wasn’t being personally attacked. His political affiliations perhaps, but not him personally. Mr. Wray’s ‘response’ was in defense of progressive ideals. A martyr for the cause.

    In 2008 I interviewed a number of Longmont police and fire officers concerning the Collective Bargaining issue that would amend the city charter (2A on the ballot). I then wrote an article that appeared on YourHub. I tried to create a well balanced article. The public servants that I interviewed where both pro and con. One interview was with Mike Violette, leader of the FOP and the initiative. This article remained up (posted) for a few days before hacked and axed.
    I received a phone call from a friend asking me why I deleted it? I went to look and found that all the text had been replaced by a single period “.”
    At first I was concerned and frightened that this was the work of LPD officers. A few discrete inquires and I concluded that LPD and LFD officers were not to blame (many were shocked). The Denver News Agency was able to tell me exactly when I had supposedly logged in to edit the comments. I hadn’t done so.
    In the same time period, this http://www.macwebguru.com/2008/09/21/support-fire-police/ appeared on Mr. Wray’s website. I attempted a civil discourse with Mr. Wray who has bragged about his hacking abilities, and got a sly smile and eye twinkle.
    Given my special legal status at the time; the amount of work I needed to contend with in my new business; and general paranoia, I decided to drop it and not repost the article. Yes, I was frightened. Excellent work by Wray.

    Last year, Doug Wray complained to Gordon Pedrow that I frightened him and series of odd emails and conversations reached me. Soon followed by the open carry ban in city buildings. Again the sly smile and the eye twinkle. But this time Doug flat out told me that guns scare him, that he’d been the victim of a gun crime, and that he viewed me as a threat to public safety. No clue how this was leveraged, but everyone who watched it play out knew that it was political and immoral.

    Thus Doug Wray has been effective in harassment directly or as the publisher of harassing articles and blog comments that appear to be written by the same person (DW?)

    I seriously doubt that LAD or even other progressives not connected to any local group would want this.

    I consider the founder of LAD and his successor to be a friends. We can chat over coffee and agree to disagree, or at times agree. We have an open dialog.

    Doug Wray will not have open and honest dialogues with anyone. Not his political adversaries, nor his compatriots. He is a force of one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s well known in this town for years that Doug Wray is a stalker. Those who follow council remember his spanking by former mayor Roger Lange.

    You’re better than this C-Rod. And he knows it. That’s why he’s obsessed with you.

  3. Longmont resident says:

    Ms Lichti (who btw likes to call herself 2Sons on FRL) questions your position that she’s a member of the Longmont Area Democrats. She can deny all she wants that she isn’t influenced by their group, but frequently attends their meetings, hangs around with them when they go to council, and has many of them as her Facebook friends. People aren’t stupid. But, apprently she thinks you (and your writer wife) are. Keep shining the light on these Longmont radicals Chris, they apparently don’t like your doing it. As for Bigger, he’s the new pres of LAD? HAHAHA. Didn’t know that. Guess his noticed stealing of opposing candidate campaign signs during the last election when his candidate Benker was resoundingly defeated earned him some *brownie* points over there. Unless no one else ran for the position?

  4. Stephanie Baum says:

    Wray is now using this piece to try and prove I commited a crime (computer hacking) to get screen captures of the exchange between he and Mr. Hofferber. What Wray apparently doesn’t realize is that I grew up in Boulder – and anyone from there knows it used to be a pretty “small” town – tight-knit, just like Longmont largely is. Everyone knew everyone’s families. Some of Wray’s past Facebook friends are friends of mine or parents of friends of mine. One of them saw what he said, were put off by it and sent me screen captures. But that makes me a hacker. Comical…

  5. Some people just don’t know when to SHUT UP, doesn’t matter if the PD suggest it (and they agree to it). What you described Stephanie is you being accused of a crime, once again without proof (those words “without proof” are all over the police report) – how is this not libel?

    Paul, good points. They take it personally when I go after their elected leaders – boo hoo, get over it – then make it personal against anyone who dares do such a thing. I don’t cross the line into threats and harassment like they do, and I figured it’s time to let the rest of the city in on what they’ve been up to. Btw, Wray said that “I” was the reason for a officer at CC meetings with all the times I rant about my Conceal Carry License (lie#45), but he complained to them about you? For someone who supposedly fears guns, he didn’t hesitate 1 second to accept the use of “GUNS and LOTS OF GUNS” from his future son-in-law. These self-professed “non-violent” types are full of it, as has been proven once again.

    As far as the other cretins mentioned, they might take a cue and zip their lips as well. Their combined knowledge and experience in Longmont politics equals a couple years between the 3 of them and they routinely make asses out of themselves. Hanging around the likes of Fissinger doth not make one an instant genius, quite the opposite really. But in comparison makes you look quite stunning, ROFL.

  6. Stephanie Baum says:

    Chris, yes, it’s totally libel. How is it a crime when someone (who I haven’t even seen since high school) sends me something that scared them? I thought the whole thing bordered on juvenile myself. I think it’s pretty funny he’s so obsessed with me, but then again I guess that’s what’s so scary about the whole deal. That nutter in AZ was obsessed too. I just take the whole thing as one big compliment that he thinks I can hack computers. LOL

  7. The radicals with the Longmont Area Democrats are LIARS. Laughable. Let me pull up this little gem as an example.


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