McCoy letter to Rep. Gardner was typical political hackery

Below is the original opinion piece sent in to the Times-Call.  What was printed in the May 6, 2011 edition was a shorter version I sent since the longer one below could not, or would not, be ran.  There were quite a few changes to my 300 word version, and I’m sure my 700 word version would have been edited beyond the point of making it worth printing.  Follow this link for earlier comments and updates on the story.  

One thing the paper routinely erases is my references to Longmont City Councilmember Sean McCoy as a teacher.  I only mention it because he mentions it nearly every week in council meetings, calling himself an “educator”.  I normally don’t go after peoples bad spelling, grammar, or punctuation, but since he is a teacher in the Boulder Valley School District you’d think he’d know a little bit about writing.  Speaking is definitely not his strong suit, or rational thinking apparently.  Thanks for the emails, calls, and high traffic over this one, figured it was only fair to show you the rest of the story
Did you hear the one about the city councilman who wrote an open letter to a congressman?  No?  Well, you probably didn’t because this councilman, as he was speaking on your behalf, probably didn’t want you to see it.  The councilman was Longmont City Councilmember Sean McCoy, for who I’ve penned the name Longmont’s “Clown Prince”.  He wrote an “Open Letter” to U.S. Congressman Cory Gardner, except he only sent it to Colorado State Senator Brandon Shaffer and a local leftwing attack website.  Tip:  Colorado’s state capitol is in Denver, U.S. congressmen meet in Washington, D.C., sort of different branches of different governments.  But a civics teacher like Mr. McCoy should already know that.

I got a copy of this letter through an Open Records request, and trust me, it’s embarrassing.  This “educator”, as he self-describes himself almost weekly, not only misspelled Congressman Gardner’s name, but also made several grammatical errors.  I can see why it was only put where Mr. McCoy’s fellow partisan friends could see it.  (A link resides on my website if you’d like to see it for yourself).  But why wouldn’t he want it in the paper his constituents would most likely subscribe to – the Times-Call?

The substance of the letter itself is just more of the same political hack nonsense you’d find on the hate site he posted it on, and far below the level of an elected official of a city our size.  He goes after capitalism, free markets, the military (used the term “entitlement of the military”), Tea Party members, pro-life individuals, and basically said Mr. Gardner only represents the “small and radical segments of our district, ward, and nation.”  I bet some of his Ward 3 constituents fall in to one or several of those categories.

He ironically had the nerve to tell Mr. Gardner to “grow up” and that he has a “personality flaw” – pot, once again, meet kettle.  He even used the example of Egypt to make some incoherent point that Mr. Gardner was corrupt.  I could go on, but by now you must get the point.  Mr. McCoy has nothing on Charlie Sheen.    

Mr. McCoy confronted me about my online response to his letter, asking if it “upset me”.  I just responded as I felt – that it was pretty weak, to which he wanted to have a tit-for-tat insult fest; I thought I was in junior high again.  Mr. McCoy has his own “personality flaw” when it comes to interpersonal relations, but at least he didn’t do it in front of my 12 year old child like he did last time.  Elected officials like himself need to keep in mind a couple things when addressing – or in his case confronting – citizens:  First, you are the public servant, we don’t serve you.  And second, we are citizens, voters, and constituents – keep that in mind and remember who you’re talking to.

But after 3+ years its pretty obvious Mr. McCoy hasn’t gotten that memo.  All one has to do is watch the many YouTube videos of him insulting everything and everyone under the sun – the list is far too long to include here.  It’s apparent that Ward 3 voters didn’t know what they were in for and went by name recognition alone, considering all the terrific work his father did on council allowing Longmont to reach out all the way to I-25 and secure that prime real estate – oops, nevermind, Firestone got that.  Guess that old song was right:  nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

I predict a slogan for Mr. McCoy’s opponent in the upcoming election:  “Better than nothing.”  An empty seat on council would be an improvement.

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