Rigged system candidate wants more rigging

In an upcoming Times-Call Open Forum letter (don’t ask how I know), serial candidate Bill Van Dusen laments the possibility Longmont will only have one state house representative.  He says “It is improper to allow the city of Longmont to have its own, exclusive state representative“.  Apparently he didn’t get the recent explanation I gave as to how Longmont will still have two representatives.

Mr. Van Dusen shows up every so often to run for something, other than that you’ve never heard from him or about him – hence the serial candidate label.  This time around he’s picked about the most rigged race around to run in and may actually have a shot – because it’s rigged.  The Boulder County Commissioner system of elected commissioners is a bad joke.  Sure, there are three commissioners in three districts, and candidates/commissioners have to live in those districts.  Problem is everyone in the county votes for every candidate – basically they are all “at-large”.  Actually calling them “districts” is a ruse and pointless.  Bottom line:  the City of Boulder picks all three commissioners, and of course no one other than a Democrat need apply.

So in this letter Mr. Van Dusen doesn’t want Longmont to be in one district and complains that he lost his state house rep race in 1998 because Longmont didn’t have “adequate representation” and “Longmont was extremely partisan in favor of Republicans and this inequality severely marginalized any Democratic or third-party hopefuls“.  Doesn’t that sound familiar, ala Boulder County Commissioners?  But it’s okay for them, as always.

Mr. Van Dusen further shows his lack of local political knowledge by stating “In the early 2000s, the house districts were redrawn so that Longmont and its surrounding areas would be represented by both House District 12 and 13“.  No, that would be House Districts 11 and 12.  You’d think he’d know that as nothing but Democrats have won those races since those “early 2000s“.  House District 13 is north and west of Longmont, includes Lyons and smaller mountain towns to Idaho Springs and Georgetown.  This information is not very hard to find.

But I love the use of “improper” and especially “allow” when it comes to his entitled way of thinking about Longmont and its residents – some people.  So, since Longmont has and will continue to have two districts, he should throw his support behind the recent redistricting commission proposal, right?  After all, Mr. Van Dusen did say “Two-district representation for this area was wisely established“.  So why doesn’t he wisely support this plan, and then do a little more homework before waxing uninformed in public.

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