Times-Call protecting mayoral candidate through censorship

Let’s just cut to the chase and call the Longmont Times-Call the Longmont Post, or the Longmont Daily Camera.  Anything resembling independence has steadily been ripped away since it was sold to the parent company of the Denver Post.  While I’m a regular contributor in Open Forum letters and Guest Opinion pieces, their online editing policies are bordering on ridiculous.  If saying this puts me in a bad light, so be it.
Unlike our friends on the Left who pretend to be for free speech and civil rights (that’s gotta be a joke, biggest racists I’ve ever met), they’ve been whining about comment moderation on the Times-Call’s website forever.  Sometimes rough language is required, but of course their version of that is harassment and threats. So, in it’s infinite wisdom, the Times-Call has taken to removing one comment after another if it has the slightest hint of negativity.  The recent case is Dennis Coombs announcing a mayoral bid.

Watching the number of comments go up and down was like watching the stock market.  You’d think the number of comments shouldn’t actually go down, at least not as noticeably as it was.  I rarely even bother commenting there, and my ID is the name of this blog, so I’m not trying to hide who I am.  I get plenty of traffic here, so I’ll just post my thoughts here and those who had comments deleted can add their own as well.

So why would they want to protect this candidate?  It’s no secret that the Denver Post/Boulder Daily Camera are somewhat left-leaning publications, just as the former owners of the Times-Call were considered somewhat right-leaning.  Let’s just say Mr. Coombs falls into former category politically, and I’m sure it’s a coincidence that negative comments about him have been erased.  Even comments asking why comments were erased were erased!  Pointing out someones background, positions, and affiliations is important – why would they not want that known?

Well, I wouldn’t want it known I had any affiliation with former councilmember Karen Benker, as Mr. Coombs did with his involvement in her failed “green incubator initiative“.  I wouldn’t want it known my wife gave Ms. Benker any contributions, more than once.  I wouldn’t want it known that my registered agent, and presumably my campaign manager, was the same person who ran Ms. Benker’s 2009 campaign, the one that failed so miserably, considering her people said her opponent (Katie Witt) didn’t stand a chance – that one.  Bottom line:  the guy is just another garden variety liberal/progressive who is using the tried and true liberal method of pandering to Hispanics for votes.  Glad I could put it all in a neat little nutshell for you.

Regardless of all of the above connections/affiliations, his position on meaningless and pointless votes by council is the most troubling.  In particular he was upset by the current council’s non-vote on the Dream Act.  That was federal legislation, I repeat FEDERAL LEGISLATION, that a vote one way or the other by this, or any, city council was meaningless.  It is beyond the purview of this council, and it’s not as if there isn’t enough on their agenda as it is.  It’s obvious Mr. Coombs doesn’t watch or pay attention to what this city council does, yet he wants to be their chair?

Idiotic and pointless votes on national issues are the stuff of Boulder City Council.  Do we really want our council wasting their time on, oh I don’t know, things like the Iraq War, Global Warming, impeaching sitting presidents, etc etc ad nauseam?  Yet that’s the #1 issue on Mr. Coombs list.  He said that a vote to support the Dream Act “would have cost nothing and meant a lot to the children asking.”  A pointless vote that would have meant squat to the U.S. Senate means a lot?  Either these “children” have seriously low expectations or Mr. Coombs is grandstanding and exaggerating a tad.  In reality here’s what it is:  Mr. Coombs and the local lefty loons, including elements of Longmont Area Democrats, organized these “children” (yet another example of the left’s child abuse campaign) and convinced them of the weight this vote would carry – pandering and lying to them all along the way.

I don’t blame those kids, but I don’t go as easy on the adults who acted sympathetic to their situation.  Is it possible Mr. Coombs isn’t as conniving as those who steered these kids?  Possibly, but like you, nobody really knows much of anything about this non-council-related entity, except he is a co-owner of a popular brewpub.  Speaking of which, as mayor wouldn’t that cause a conflict of interest?  Especially with the Longmont Downtown Development Authority (LDDA)?

So now the incumbent mayor, Bryan Baum, has someone running against him.  As a commenter said at the TC, shouldn’t someone be running for the people of Longmont and not against the current mayor or council?  Good question.

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9 Responses to Times-Call protecting mayoral candidate through censorship

  1. Anonymous says:

    What I suppose is going on: The TC online article commenting system has been moved to the same platform that the Daily Comrade uses. As part of this move, an existing DC staffer is now monitoring/moderating TC comments as well, and perhaps is just a little too trigger-finger happy when comments are reported to be offensive to some. If this is the direction that the TC wants to go, they’ll soon have one less driveway to visit each morning.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If forcing the council to waste time on the federal DREAM Act wasn’t bad enough, even worse was the local lefties pandering for Colorado’s version of in-state tuition for illegals (SB 11-126).

    The ASSETS bill was defeated in CO House Committee on Monday, April 25, rendering the Longmont support resolution totally meaningless for the council agenda the following evening. But no, Sean McCoy pushed to get the resolution back on the agenda even though the bill was dead.

    More wasted council time, more pure political postering from McCoy & Co. to the detriment of city business.

  3. Terri says:

    Thanks!! I didn’t know about the Benker connection

  4. Anonymous says:

    As a matter of fact, Mr. Coombs is at council every week. Unlike a certain fascist right wing nut-job blogger I know of, maybe it’s you that needs to pay attention to what council does.

  5. The above comment came from IP If one looks that up it goes to Longmont Area Dems. Looks like they used an iPhone.

  6. No doubt venting from last night’s whupping they took at the CO Reapportionment mtg. Why did they post anonymously? And here they whine so often about anonymous commenters attacking them in the TC.

    As for Mr Coombs NOW being at council every week, it’s campaign season…not surprised.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Coombs goes to every meeting? Might want to check your source on that one. He’s been twice (that I’ve seen and I’m at every meeting) since declaring, and last week walked out after the Sister Cities presentation at the first break (he didn’t even stick around for Public Heard, the best part of the night). If he can’t manage to stick around for even 2 hours, how will he make it though an whole council meeting?

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