What about Shaffer’s record?

(A copy of this letter first appeared 7-12-11 in the Longmont Times Call.)

To no one’s surprise, state Sen. Brandon Shaffer, D-Longmont, told a group attending a backyard 4th-of-July party that he’s running for the 4th District Congressional seat held by Republican Cory Gardner.

Scarcely front-page material, especially after being pre-released via YouTube, the Times-Call nonetheless did its duty in reporting Shaffer’s confirmation. Fair enough.

But it didn’t stop there. The very next day, Shaffer again made the front page, this time in a lengthy interview so boring that the dramatic backyard scenario had to be trotted out again.

In the interview, Shaffer brags of his “bipartisanship” and how he’s going to straighten out Congress, but doesn’t explain why the state Legislature, where he held a key position, failed to redistrict leaving it to the courts. Where’s the bipartisanship?

When asked at the newspaper what his approach to restoring the nation’s economy would be, he ducked the question by unleashing an attack on Gardner. Not much news there.

Too bad the local press didn’t at least ask him about his voting record and performance evaluations. Here are some data that might be of interest. (Most of this comes from VoteSmart.org):
–Cooperation with small business: Colorado National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) gives Shaffer a score of 33 out of a possible 100.
NRA, on gun issues, “F.” (A is high on the scale.)
Colorado Union of Taxpayers, 3.13 out of a possible 100.

Some of Shaffer’s voting record:
–Voted to suspend property tax exemptions for seniors. (A backdoor tax increase.)
–Voted to take away sales tax exemption for agricultural compounds used in the care of livestock.
–Voted to increase vehicle registration fees. (Another backdoor tax increase.)

If and when Congressman Gardner announces his intention, do you suppose he will get “bipartisan” double

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