Longmont Area Dems beg you don’t get “sucked in”

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Relative Longmont political newcomer, and now President of the Longmont Area Democrats John Bigger, is begging fellow Democrats not to get “sucked in” to the possible truths of their misguided ways.  Mr. Bigger described himself as a “learned strategist” as he mistakenly explained my strategy to his fellow comrades.  Yes, now I’m fodder for this pack of fools.

A short history lesson is called for:  As far as strategy goes, Mr. Bigger was sort of the unofficial campaign manager, but mostly gofer, for failed councilmember Karen Benker.  We were once friends, but I knew the end was near when he asked me “what do you think about Longmont politics and Karen Benker?”  Keeping in mind I had already been on the Longmont political scene for several years and was already fairly well known (loved or hated) to anyone that followed such things – proving this ObamaBot didn’t follow such things.  Of course I said exactly what I thought of Karen Benker and that she was not long for this city council.

Whatever strategy Mr. Bigger and Ms. Benker dreamed up, it was a disaster, even more so than I could have guessed.  We and others saw him placing Benker campaign signs in front of Katie Witt signs that Ms. Witt had gotten permission from private landowners to place.  But rules/laws/ordinances like these aren’t bothered with by Mr. Bigger and his LAD ilk.  So I guess this particular strategy was cheating.  Yep, got me beat there, I can win fair and square – and did.

He said I’m using some kind of “division” strategy.  Yes, I’m trying to separate the citizens of Longmont from some of the worst councilmembers to come down the pike, with one down.  Paranoid perceptions like these usually have some basis in truth, and the truth is that the hardcore liberal/progressive wing in Longmont that is made up of LAD and others is not representative of rank-and-file Democrats in the city.  No Democrat needs me to point that out.  I have plenty of Democrat friends, I’ve voted for them for city council in the past, I may even do it again this year.  But these are not LAD far-left Democrats, and they’d be wise to distance themselves from these wanna-be Obama groupies.  You know who and what I’m talking about, can spot them a mile away.

Mr. Bigger also implied he hadn’t visited my website, this is what we call lying.  Mr. Bigger has used false names both on websites and on the radio to go after my wife and I.  He has written about me, in reference to my websites, in the Times-Call.  Yet he pretends to his members that he barely knows who I am.  How I wish that were true.  Like children, he urges them to turn their heads from differing opinions.  How condescending and pathetic is that?  And if he never read my stuff, how does he know I do nothing but “trash fellow Longmont citizens” as he put it?  Correction, I only trash trash or who’s “wrong for Longmont” (hence the Wrongmont name).

I do love it when someone who barely followed Longmont politics until ’09 tells us the history of Longmont politics prior to ’09.  Much like fellow LAD member Kaye Fissinger does, occasionally admitting “someone told her of” something or another, I’m sure Mr. Bigger has been getting a specialized “education” from fellow liberal/progressives with a combined political experience of maybe a decade.  I don’t claim to have the most experience in that arena, but I’m also not the President of a pointless little club speaking for them and telling them what to think and how to react to adversity.

I personally don’t care how Democrats, Republicans, liberals, or conservatives vote or think.  I just put my thoughts out there and you can take ’em or leave ’em.  You can either buy my argument, or the “other sides” as Mr. Bigger puts it.  If you agree with them, vote for them.  If you agree with me, vote against them.  Recent history has shown more of you disagree with the liberal/progressive wing in Longmont as they’ve been getting hammered since Jan ’08, specifically the 2009 election.  I intend to continue that hammering, win or lose, and some loudmouth Obama groupie who repeatedly harasses my family (yes, some of them have even referenced my kids) isn’t going to change that.

Go ahead, make me the subject of the front page of your little website again, my traffic has never been higher.   Talk about a brilliant strategy – not.

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