Pumphouse owner, mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs continues rule breaking

Last time it was Longmont mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs asking his supporters to break the Times-Call‘s TC-Line rules to help shill for him.  This time he’s ignoring the rules for Festival on Main thrown by the Longmont  Downtown Development Authority (LDDA).  Pleading ignorance of these rules won’t cut it for someone running for Mayor.  
The recent disregard for the rules involved Festival on Main’s requirement not to electioneer at or during this event.  Mr. Coombs is part owner of the Pumphouse Brewery, which is located on downtown on Main Street.    As long as that business has been there and he’s been an owner, I find it hard to believe he isn’t aware of this festival and its rules.  Nevertheless, he had his campaign literature out at Pumphouse’s table for every passerby to see – a clear and blatant breaking of their rules.

I’ve been to a few Festival on Main‘s, and I’ve been to Pumphouse Brewery during those events and at other times.  It’s pretty safe to say Pumphouse Brewery makes out fairly well during these events as it and the Red Zone are fairly full.  Yet Mr. Coombs puts his floundering campaign ahead of LDDA, Festival on Main, his own business, and people trying to enjoy the festival without being bothered with unapproved electioneering.

Mr. Coombs is clearly in over his head.  Mayors have to work with these entities and constituents, not thumb their nose at them and their rules.

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