Reapportionment reality

Despite all the ballyhoo about the soon to come reapportionment of Colorado House Districts and how it affects Longmont, the proposed revisions really aren’t as unrealistic as some would protest.

First, let’s look at the present maps of HD12 and HD11

In the last accounting of registered voters (May 2010), HD11 had become an unbalanced 37.3% Democrat, 25.9% Republican, and 36% Unaffiliated.

The new proposed HD11 from the Reapportionment Committee, shown here within a larger Boulder County map, comes with nicely balanced registered voter numbers of 32.2% Democrat, 32.6% Republican, and 34.3% Unaffiliated.

Fair is fair with this proposal, with no screwy stretching of HD11 to include north Boulder with much of Longmont.

And lastly, all the squawking from Democrats about splintering Longmont with the new proposal is bogus. The southeastern portion of the city–mainly the Hispanic community–is located within HD12 on both the old and new maps. Longmont will still have two representatives in the House, and HD11 will have a newfound balance that can only benefit the city.

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