McCoy goes after his perceived enemies

Here’s a little collection of new YouTube videos of Sean W.C.E. (Worst Councilman Ever) McCoy going after those he hates – which is just about everyone that doesn’t tow his liberal/progressive line.  
First up is his tirade against the Longmont Association of Realtors.  Notice the unique speaking style, unique to heavy drinkers and drug users, that is.

Sheer brilliance and such clarity.

Here is Sean McCoy at his nasty, surly, and sarcastic best.  And yes, he’s insulting realtors again here, along with Firestone.  I’m assuming he bought a house through a realtor – or was it just given to him by his parents?  I know this complete incoherence is tough to watch and listen to – even for his supporters – but voters really need to know what a complete classless clod we currently have representing Ward 3.

Funny hearing a unionized teacher try to stumble through a discussion of “supply and demand” probably never having actually lived it as what he has to supply is artificially propped up and no one would demand it if they had school choice.

Finally, Sean McCoy goes after his favorite target, Longmont Area Economic Council (LAEC).  What makes this so humorous is recently he had the temerity to insinuate that “no one voted against or made comments against LAEC – what are you talking about?” (paraphrased, but not by much).  I guess he assumes we’ve all forgotten the 4 years of repeated abuse he’s directed towards LAEC and it’s president John Cody.  Well, here’s some of it…

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