Slander as a campaign tool

It appears that some of the left-wing of Longmont will go to any lengths to help get their candidates elected.  Recently, it turns out that a volunteer for the Dennis Coombs campaign (running for Mayor against incumbent Bryan Baum) has resorted to not only telling lies about Mr. Coombs’ opposition, but slanderous ones at that.  When asked about it, Mr. Coombs apparently was aware of it.  The question is, what is he going to do about it?

The volunteer in question is Marilyn Hughes, who was wearing a Dennis Coombs t-shirt and handing out his literature around the Downtown area.  If that name sounds familiar, it’s because back in October of 2009 on Longmont Advocate I asked that she recuse herself from any votes on the Election Committee because of her close ties to former councilmember Karen Benker.  Thankfully there no longer is an Election Committee, and not long after this piece came out Ms. Benker was voted out of office.

Accusing someone of “hacking” is accusing someone of an actual crime.  Ms. Hughes told people that Mr. Coombs’ opposition was hacking his website.  That implies that someone logged in to Mr. Coombs actual website and altered it.  That did not occur.  She might as well have said Mr. Coombs’ opposition is a child molester or some other kind of criminal.  Her ignorance of what “hacking” is and its legal definition is no excuse.  Slander is slander.  The question is how many people did she tell this to, and how is she and Mr. Coombs going to rectify this situation?

I’m sure people are tiring of my continual pointing out of the connections to Longmont Area Democrats (LAD), but yet again here is another one as she was once part of this group, and may still be.  The dirty campaigning Ms. Hughes and undoubtedly other volunteers with the same talking points and marching orders engaged in is right out of the Organizing For America (OFA) playbook.  The current LAD president and vice-president are OFA true believers, and that’s understandable considering the stellar job their favored candidate is doing as President.  That’s sarcasm.

They don’t like people pointing out the fact, repeatedly and with actual proof, that this left-wing nutjob splinter branch of the Democratic Party not only is wrong for Longmont, but it gives the rest of the Democrats in town a bad name and image.

Why would I care?  I have been approached by multiple candidates, in some instances in the same race, that are Democrats and have asked for my assistance in their campaigns.  Some are old friends, some are new ones.  They all have one thing in common:  their disdain for the “MoveOn.Org” type of Democrats, which includes LAD/OFA, etc, as opposed to the “JFK” type of Democrats.

Of course the point is that party affiliation is not supposed to matter in our local elections.  But ever since the election of 2007 of Sarah Levison, Sean McCoy, Brian Hansen and some failed campaigns of 2008 and 2009, they’ve made it an issue.

Now they need to be shown the door.

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One Response to Slander as a campaign tool

  1. Dave Larison says:

    My take on our local Dem scene as previously run in LR…

    “While I am a conservative, I almost feel sorry for some of my more traditional Democratic friends in Longmont–I call them JFK-style Dems–for having to be bunched in on the left with local progressive radicals such as Kaye Fissinger or Doug Wray. I’ll give these ProgressNow people credit for one thing–they are experts at creating an echo chamber of noise that is hard for the public and media to ignore.

    I may differ with traditional Dems on certain economic, social, and entitlement issues, but at least at their core they adhere to the Constitutional fundamentals that made this country great. It’s a far cry from the redistribution of wealth and nannystate we see overflowing from the progressives.”

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