Coombs shows his classless side

Mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs needs to figure out that not every event is a campaign event.  Turns out he trolled and tried to campaign at an event for people who have suffered the loss of a baby.  You Pumphouse co-owners who wrote on his behalf must be proud.  Were you drinking then?

The event was a Walk to Remember for the My Baby Angel Foundation.  Mayor Bryan Baum was invited because of the two miscarriages that had befallen them – signified by the two stars on his jacket.  But one of Dennis Coombs’ operatives that goes to these events did his duty and called Mr. Coombs who shortly thereafter showed up.  To my knowledge, Mr. Coombs has no affiliation with this group or any specific reason to be there – other than to make a non-political event political.

The Baum’s were there for actual losses related to the subject of the event, Mr. Coombs was there for one reason – to prostitute himself for a vote or two in a completely inappropriate manner.  I guess the measly contribution to Twin Peaks Charter Academy lesson wasn’t learned.  The guy just isn’t dripping with class.  His candidate forum performance recently at Silver Creek High School further showed he isn’t even close in class, style, substance, or experience compared to Mayor Baum.

But speaking of his Pumphouse/Red Zone managerial experience, on one hand he said it should be a plus on his side, only to admit that he only works about 35 hours a month there!  I’ve heard rumors of employees saying “Dennis who?”  I guess when you put in an average of 1 hour a day, that might happen.

The guy needs to be a footnote in Longmont elections and come in a not-so-close second place.  Luckily for him there is no third candidate.

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