Ugly side of Longmont revealed

Just when you thought the leftwing loons in Longmont couldn’t become any more unhinged, they go ahead and unhinge themselves even further.  At least we can put names and faces to these people, which I fully intend to do.

First is a civil matter that occurred over a year ago that these cretins figured would make good political theater during this election cycle.  Failed former candidate Richard Juday, who whined endlessly about his treatment during the cycle where he was crushed by Gabe Santos, figured turnabout was fair play and went crying to the Times-Call about basically a non-story involving a dog fight and a citizen getting bitten by the Baum’s dog.  The TC may run it, but it’s more tabloid trash than anything else – and if I chose to waste any time on it there’s a few things that have been conveniently left out of the story.

Secondly, Mr. Juday and his merry band of inept followers took serious issue about a hit-piece mailer that went out against him in 2008.  So what was their response?  Create their own hit-piece mailer under the political committee “Moving Longmont Forward”.  Yes, that is the best way to “move Longmont forward”, a mailer with spelling and grammatical errors and sprinkled with misleading “facts”.  They couldn’t even spell the word “campaign”.  Recall that Mr. Juday tried to institute a “Civility Commission” which was laughed out of existence.  Now you know why, civility is not in their DNA.

To front this group, why not pick a groupie?  The unlucky sap was Longmont resident and follower of Longmont politics for the long tenure of less than 2 years, Teresa Lichti.  How do I know these things?  I’ve unfortunately known her for almost 25 years.  Her involvement in Longmont politics is centered around my success in unseating former councilmember Karen Benker, being radicalized by far-left Obama-zombies and current Longmont Area Democrat (LAD) President and Vice President John and Judy Bigger, and her obsessive hatred for our family.  She tweets about us in one form or another almost daily, it’s sick really.

Unlike some other bloggers in town who sit around in their basement in their underwear and guess at all kinds of conspiracies, I actually get out into the community and know many of my detractors quite well, and thankfully the higher number of “friendlies”.  Some of these people are just freaking nuts and mentally unhinged – there’s no nice way to put it.  And unfortunately, or fortunately, I have the knack to push them right over the edge – which doesn’t take much.  They are now lashing out at my friend and Longmont’s mayor, Bryan Baum, as well as his family.  This is their usual tactic and they are fairly predictable.

Some people didn’t like that I kept, correctly, making the connection between this kind of disgusting activity and LAD.  Problem is, the people involved in this Moving Longmont Forward political committee are all names of people directly or indirectly involved with LAD from the top down.  Take a look at Mayor Baum’s Attack Ad response page and you should recognize the names, as you can also see the responses to the lies these people spewed.

I believe this attack mail piece is too little too late, and will either be preaching to the choir or offending most people into voting FOR Mayor Baum.  Voters should punish this group and its candidates (Dennis Coombs, Sarah Levison, Brian Hansen, and Sean McCoy) at the ballot box to send a clear message that these candidates and their hate brigade are not representative of Longmont citizens.

You can further show your disgust by contacting the committee directly, their info can be found at the Longmont City Clerk’s Office – or to save you from clicking that link:

Moving Longmont Forward c/o Teresa Lichti

I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.  I get plenty of fan/hate mail and phone calls, why not share in the experience?  Again, glad to be of service.

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One Response to Ugly side of Longmont revealed

  1. Anonymous says:

    We got this “fishwrap” in our mail yesterday too. It is curious that Mr. “I’m so smart, I have patents!” failed to point out that some of the issues that they have with Mayor Baum would likely be interpreted in this way:

    Regarding PITBH – All the sessions are recorded so anyone can view the slander and abuse that has been heaped on select members of city council be the same people week after week. Rather than being offended by the Mayor’s comments, I am sympathetic to his misery.

    Regarding Twin Peaks Mall – the council prior to the Mayor’s tenure was the one that dangled “TIF” in front of Pannettoni (sp?). Also Hansen, McCoy and Levison are on the council as the mall finally is foreclosed upon. (Like it really matters to the bank who is on city council)

    Trips on city dime – WHY did almost ALL the council members have to go to DC for that conference? Wouldn’t it have made sense for one or two to go and then share what they learned with the rest?

    Don’t forget the trip to the hills with the whole ballot snatching episode that made McCoy the laughingstock of the municipal league – what did we spend on that debacle?

    In 1997 when we moved here, we were able to find a house we could afford to buy without our neighbors subsidizing us. Today, there are still affordable houses to be had. Longmont never needed this program in it’s current form.

    Finally, Walmart’s business practices are well documented. As soon as Steve Strong sold his land so Walmart could develop their second super store it was widely anticipated that the old Walmart location’s days were numbered. All that happened before Baum’s tenure.

    Wonder if Mr. Great People Skills is going to make a public statement denouncing this kind of uncivil electioneering since it does nothing to ” Move Longmont Forward”, unless forward is down the cliff of anarchy.

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