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Every so often, our liberal/progressive friends accidentally state their true intentions with their supposed love of “diversity” and “inclusiveness”.  What they say is: “There’s a lot of those Hispanics and whoever corals them and their votes will win every election”, in so many words.  It’s a national as well as local phenomenon, including right here in Longmont, as the Hispanic/Latino demographic is a force to consider in politics.

When a national radio/tv host speaks on this issue, or any issue that applies to a situation in Longmont, I try to highlight it and draw local parallels.  A few days ago, nationally syndicated radio host and best-selling author Mark Levin spoke on this issue and the wider issue of President Obama’s hope to “fundamentally transform” (his words) this country.

And the loyal foot-soldiers are right here in Longmont.  Unlike them, with the endless pandering, I’ll go ahead and say what a lot of you are already thinking.  Fellow contributor Dave Larison spelled some of it out in his guest opinion in the Times-Call with what’s occurring at the local YMCA, or do we not call it that anymore?  See, it’s part political correctness, part pandering, with a dash of bigotry masked as “acceptance”.  In other words, it’s what I like to call…crap.

Make no mistake, while I say what I say, I’m not pandering for anyone’s votes, money, or attention.  And you that take issue with it, I’m not interested in hearing from you, no matter what your political persuasion – as I’ve heard this pandering from both sides of the political aisle and I’m fairly tired of it.  In both party’s cases it’s for political gain and I’m sure I’m not the only one seeing right through it, so save it.

Yes, my name ends in UEZ and I have a family with a long history in the Democratic Party.  I saw enough pandering and “what was expected” of us, considering our last name, to make me want to vomit.  President Jimmy Carter, while he was president, even spent the night at my cousins house under the guise of mixing it up with a poor Chicano family – what a crock that was.  (Feel free to look it up, circa 1979 Los Angeles, CA).  So before I was even voting age I knew bullshit when I saw it and for more reasons that I’ll put in one post vowed to never join that joke of a political party (and will be joining my wife in quitting the other political party).

But I’m always curious how others feel about being a perennial political football.  Do you really feel the need for organizations like El Comite or the Longmont Area Democrats to stoke some kind of racial resentment and perpetual victimization?  I can’t tell you what kind of a laugh I get whenever I see the fairly pale (as in non-Latino) president of El Comite, who is a LAD hack, speak on behalf of the city’s Hispanic/Latino population.  Rest assured it’s not out of any altruism – it’s purely political and you’re being played like a fiddle.  If you’re okay with that, have a nice life, at least you know.  I prefer to live in the real world.

As I wrote previously, I believe the Hispanic/Latino vote played a part in our recent election.  Bryan Baum was clearly against having the city vote on a federal issue (the Dream Act) and Dennis Coombs cited that issue as his main reason for running in the mayoral race.  This is old news and not an attack on our new mayor – that’s his position on the issue, so be it.  When the vote gap is less than 200 votes, it’s safe to say this issue may have gotten Mr. Coombs over the hump – that, and El Comite and LAD shilling for him.  Problem is, this issue probably won’t come before City Council again, and if it did I’m pretty confident the outcome would be exactly the same.  Sorry you who voted for him thought differently – this is political reality.

The real question is this: will Hispanic/Latino voters continue to show allegiance to a philosophy (liberalism/progressivism) and leaders (from Obama all the way down) who will say anything for a vote, yet deliver very little?  And will they stand for it when they’re called the equivalent of an Uncle Tom when they question or abandon these leaders and their ideology?

Do yourself a favor and show some damn independence.

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