Free At Last (X2)

As I’ve written plenty of times, I’ve never been much of a “joiner” of groups, clubs, or organizations.  In the span of less than one year I’ve resigned from two fairly large organizations – one that leans left and one that leans right.  Previously it was my bargaining unit, which is a fairly large federal union.  Now I’ve resigned from the Republican Party.
I’ve been in unions since before I was old enough to vote, and I’ve been a Republican my entire voting life.  Neither of these decisions were made lightly and were a culmination of a number of issues over the years.  But mostly it was the age old adage of “I didn’t leave the (fill in the blank), it left me“.  With the union, I just couldn’t stomach supporting an organization (financially or otherwise) that had a diametrically opposed philosophy from my own while supporting politicians that I wouldn’t even shake the hand of.  Sure, my pay went up because of their efforts (along with my dues) – but at a time when the country couldn’t afford it.  If people think corporations are the only selfish and greedy ones, they need to wake up to the real world.

As far as becoming politically unaffiliated, that’s more a reflection on local politics rather than national politics – although our national leaders could maybe grow a spine and stick to their guns, that is why they were elected. And I’m fully aware that being a Republican in Boulder County is like being a capitalist in the former Soviet Union.  But that doesn’t mean they should do things to make it worse, does it?

There were things done in the recent local election, or more specifically, things not done, that defied logic and strategy.  I wasn’t directly involved in any campaigns, but it was pretty clear what was going on.  Some of the “powers-that-be” operated in a way that proved their detractors right, and I’ve never been a big fan of the “old guard” or “old/big money” in Longmont – and the feeling is clearly mutual.  Some people just don’t like it when you make it clear you’re not going to “play ball”.  I’ve never claimed to own this town, and neither should they.

It’s not necessary to get any more specific than that, but people should know who and what I’m talking about – and that includes political friends and enemies.

And as far as my detractors go you can cram the “right wing blogger” description up sideways.  Sure, my writings are full of anti-leftwing diatribes and that will never change.  But being anti one thing does not make someone necessarily something else – except for the simpletons who throw that term around.  Look through all of my former and current websites and I don’t carry the water for the Republican Party or any right-wing agenda.  But I didn’t quit this party to prove that point.

The final straw was how shortsightedness overcame long term benefits to Longmont, and the way I see it, it was out of selfishness and ego’s.  It seemed to be more important to keep some kind of grip on power and control versus what’s best for the city in the long run.  I am a pragmatist and realist above all else, but the strategy employed by some simply doesn’t see the forest for the trees.

Reading the above, someone might think I’m talking about Bryan Baum and the delay in conceding to Dennis Coombs.  But it’s completely the opposite.  Some people wanted to throw Mr. Baum under the bus (like they did in 2009) because they couldn’t control him.  The same people had no qualms of letting others hang in the wind, because they couldn’t control them (I’m in that group, by the way).  We all have our own thoughts, including Bryan Baum, but telling someone to pound it and you’re not for sale is a good thing.  Unless you’re running for re-election apparently.

Obviously, I tend to not lean left and will be one of the more libertarian/conservative types of unaffiliated voters – especially fiscally.  While some people, on both sides, have predicted and even proposed, that I was doing all of this for some political future possibilities, which I’ve repeatedly denied, I hope this makes this that much clearer.  Since I can write and string a sentence or two together while speaking, I was a delegate once and was asked to be a precinct captain.  I did not enjoy my single experience at being a delegate and knew rather quickly that sort of thing was not for me.  Put simply, I’m just not a “party person” (the political kind, anyway) and never have been – as much as others may dearly want to portray otherwise.

I’ve always been a free agent, which to some “friendlies” is also known as a loose cannon.  So be it.  I’d rather have just myself to answer to than some organization that while on the one hand likes to make suggestions as to what might be a better way to handle things yet at the same time cuts their own throats.

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