Latest reapportionment stab no good

While it’s a little soon to grasp the precise details on the latest Dem-railroaded CO House Reapportionment Commission maps, what I’m seeing today is headed in the wrong direction for Longmont…
With this latest commission map, Longmont is back to being split by Dists. 11 & 12, and 11 extends too far southwest toward Boulder–like it’s been the previous 10 years. Dist. 10 is pushed south and out of the picture for Longmont, unlike the September commission adopted proposal which had a portion of Longmont west of Main and south of Ken Pratt in Dist. 10. These areas now appear to be back in Dist. 12.

Some key numbers for Longmont: the September proposal had 75,050 of Longmont’s 86,270 population in Dist. 11, and the remaining 11,190 in Dist. 10 (none in 12). This new commission map has 59,998 of Longmont’s pop. in Dist. 11, and 26,242 in Dist. 12.

The new proposed HD11 is also unbalanced party-wise — with 35.1% D, 29.9% R, and 34.2% UAF —  whereas the September map had a closely balanced three-way split of competitiveness .

As Clear the Bench Colorado predicts, back to the Colorado Supreme Court we go.

Additional commentary from People’s Press Collective (Nov. 30): Seeing Stars: Chicago-Style Gerrymandering in Colorado

Addendum: Original approved map (Sept. 2011)

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