One Step “Forward”, Two Steps Back

Moving Longmont Forward was established for one sole purpose – to remove my husband from office. And by seven-tenths of a percent of the vote, they did. And for that I thank them because our family got to take its first vacation in two years, to Disneyland – a vacation well deserved by all! But, that victory came at a cost, and the cost was truthfulness and integrity in campaigning.

Now, Dennis Coombs will be the first to tell you (because he told us) that he wanted to win on his own merits. But he didn’t, and he knows he didn’t. And now he is admittedly overwhelmed by the magnitude of responsibility that comes with the job and time commitment necessary to get it done. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. And that is true for those who supported the Moving Longmont Forward committee. If this group had produced mailers that were truthful, that’s one thing. But their attack piece was filled with outright lies, misstatements of fact and information taken out of context. When confronted with the truth, Richard Juday showed no remorse but instead played the victim by crying foul about his own failed campaign run. Except the one difference is when he was campaigning, it was his words and actions that were used against him, and when evidence was shown that something about him was incorrect, it was immediately rectified, in one instance with a mea culpa printed in the Times-Call.

All of the inaccuracies of the attack piece have been documented and yet no contributors have stepped forward to apologize or try to correct the mistakes, and in fact some, like the editors behind Free Range Longmont have made sure that everyone knows their support for the group is unwavering despite the lies (but then again, Doug Wray, as part of a Times-Call story admitted that he is only a blogger so he isn’t bound to tell the truth – as if that was news to anyone reading.) But today is a new day and some of those who contributed money to the effort are hoping we all forget.

They’re hoping no one will know that they directly supported a campaign of hate, lies and attacks. People like Jonathan Singer who is running for Colorado House District 11. Does Longmont really want someone representing them who participated in this kind of divisiveness? Sadly, Jonathan already has some affect on our city as he sits on the Planning and Zoning Board. And what about people like Joan Peck, Chair of the Library Board and Darcy Juday, Vice-chair of the Water Board? They also made financial contributions to Moving Longmont Forward and sit on city boards.

Add Kaye Fissinger, another editor of Free Range Longmont who has constantly bad-mouthed Bryan, trying to call him a Nazi and connect him to the KKK – she’s the Chair of the Board of Environment Affairs. Don’t forget Greg Iwan, a regular contributor to Free Range Longmont who is a member of the Longmont Housing Authority. All of these appointees will be up for re-appointment either this year or in the next two, and they all should be removed. They have displayed a bitter partisanship that isn’t healthy for our city and does anything but move Longmont forward.

Of course, there are others who contributed to that hate campaign and who repeatedly lend their pen to the rubbish called Free Range Longmont: Teresa Lichti, Karen Benker, Don and Jerilyn Wilson, Shari Malloy, Padma Wick, Gillian Ivers-Read, Daniel Gould, Robert Drener, Michael Flanagan, Lee Springer, Teresa Foster, Richard Hansen, Strider Bensten, Charles Hanson, Ruby Bowman, Don Boyer, Marisa Dirks, James Kenworthy, Don Coulson and Stephen Szabo. If their names come up as candidates for boards and commissions, show them that they don’t represent Longmont and won’t represent Longmont.

Moving Longmont Forward proved to be a largely inept organization – their attack piece was filled with spelling and punctuation errors, their reports were suspect and had to be corrected on several occasions when omissions were pointed out. Plus, over 60% of their funding was from a Washington Lobbyist group. What is that you say? It was only 30%? I’m sorry, I was using the same math that Moving Longmont Forward used when they said Bryan took “over 60%” of his contributions in 2009 from Realtors and developers when the documents on the City Clerk’s website clearly add up to less than 35%. Proof again that the committee was inept.

As I mentioned, Dennis Coombs is already finding out that you might regret what you wish for, and I think some of the voters are starting to find that out too. Others are going to soon find out that your actions speak louder than words, and like words, they can and will be used against you. Jonathan Singer and his supporters can try and delete every comment questioning his support for negative campaigning but facts are facts and truth is truth and it won’t be covered up.

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Chris is the editor/publisher of LightningRod Blog - as well as founder/editor of Wrongmont, Longmont Advocate, Vote!Longmont, Longmont Politics, the LightningRod Radio Network, as well as being the original Longmont Examiner. Chris is a writer and talker - whether it be blogs, podcasts, music, or public speaking. When he's not heard on Air Traffic radio, he can be heard on his podcasts or seen in the local paper causing trouble.
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  1. Longmont voters would do well to watch out for partisan “wolves in sheeps clothing” in Longmont politics, a term quite fitting Jonathan Singer given his history with the distribution of the infamous “pray for locusts” email:

    It was clear when Bryan was elected the first time that the Longmont Area Dems had him in their crosshairs (yes, I went there) and for Mr “Nice guy” Singer to blog and ask for “Common Ground” for the good of the community on election night 2009 and then two days later to distribute a spiteful partisan email post election in 2009 showed to me that it’s not about community for Mr Singer, but what party is doing the leading of the community.

    Apparently now Mr Wray is blogging humor on FRL about the latest 2011 election by re-writing history and misstating that there were no “politics of personal destruction” (aka hyper-partisan warfare) by Moving Longmont Forward (which is comprised of members of the Longmont Area Democrats) and there was no outside money taken in their actions.

    I call bullshit. (And I’d go further with just how far the politics of personal destruction went from the Longmont Area Democrats, but our local police dept no longer want to be receiving whiny emails from Mr Wray.)

    When complaints were filed against MLF for suspect campaign filings, Valerie Skitt of the City Clerks office provided a copy of the $1,500 donation check that was used to balance MLF’s budget for an attack mailer on Bryan Baum that came directly from a Washington, DC labor union…so the partisan left claims that no outside money came into the coffers of Moving Longmont Forward is a flat out lie.

    I publicly stated that I’d give the new mayor a chance (the courtesy of which was not shown by members of LAD towards the previous mayor) but it’s also evident who is attempting to pull the new mayors strings as witnessed by his new BFF sandwich of Teresa Lichti (registered agent of Moving Longmont Forward) and bitter defeated former councilwoman Karen Benker at the swearing in ceremony. And meeting in a public place to pow wow with the new President and Vice President of the Longmont Area Democrats is probably not a good idea either when you are the new mayor in a elected position representing more than just the politics of your registered party.

    Be careful who you have tending the sheep in Longmont.

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  3. We were givin Dennis a chance too – Bryan and I spent more than an hour with him the day Bryan “passed the hat” to Dennis letting him know that Bryan would do everything he could to make Dennis’ job easier. Bryan volunteered to meet with Dennis, make introductions to players in the mall discussions and other projects coming down the pike. BUT, only if Dennis would keep partisan politics out of it. Dennis jumped in with “I’m a Dem..” and Bryan cut him off and said, “not any more. You work for Longmont. There’s no D or R, there’s no us or them, it’s Longmont” which is how Bryan lead the city. Too bad it only took a couple of weeks for Dennis to go back on his word and VOTE for Jonathan Singer and Kaye Fissinger last night for the Housing task force. The tiger could no longer hide his stripes.

  4. Don Coulson says:


    Since I was named in Ms. Stephanie Baum’s regurgitation of husband Bryan’s defeat by 0.75% (Bush beat Gore by 0.5%), I feel compelled to respond.

    Ms. Baum accuses me -amongst others- of contributing to a “Campaign of hate, lies and attacks”. Conveniently forgotten are at least two letters I wrote to the Times-Call which took Ms. Fissinger to task for her personal attacks on Mayor Baum, the fact that many other of my letters to T-C decried the bitter polarization of public commentary (mostly from C. Rodriguez) and the fact that the only letter concerning local politics ever printed over my name in Free Range was reproduced without my permission from one printed in the T-C. Readers may be interested in the fact that I subscribe to no extremist views and view both Free Range and this blog with considerable distaste.

    In my letter to T-C Sept. 26 I wrote that Chris Rodriguez took a really cheap shot at Dennis Coombs, calling him a “Skinflint”. I told the facts and the truth of this story, and wonder if, amongst his make-nices with Coombs he ever apologized for this egregious slander. Don’t know, but doubt it.

    In my letter to T-C Oct. 19 I told the truth- then Mayor Baum described the Longmont Progressives as a bunch of atheists, and did- on record- lie about the resistance to the 2010 HeavenFest event. What I did not mention was the tirade against a member of the Longmont Progressives filled with the “F” word, at one point threatening to “Get you F***ing guys”. This from a “Mayor for all the people”. Do you know this man, Ms. Baum?

    A lovely thing indeed is selective memory, but while you and Mr. Rodriguez are still using Karen Benker as the poster-girl of every damned thing that ever went wrong in Longmont, most of us have moved on. If you’re really interested in your community, consider this option, please.

    Don Coulson

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