Denver Post: Current fracking rules are enough

The usually left-leaning Denver Post editorializes that local governments shouldn’t be piling on excessive fracking regulations such as moratoriums, and State Senate President Brandon Shaffer (D-Longmont) agrees.  Maybe the real excess against fracking is coming from Mayor Coombs and the local progressive/enviro crowd?     

Read the editorial at Denver Post

Update (Jan. 13):  Percy Conarroe responds to the Post editorial…
Thank you for injecting some common sense into the controversy over using hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and gas.
Longmont sits atop the Wattenberg oil field of the Denver Basin. As drilling activity picks up again, our community is ripe for local doomsayers, especially those of an anti-corporate bent, to spread their mischief.
One such critic analogizes the practice of fracking to Rocky Flats’ plutonium, acid rain, nuclear power-plant meltdowns, and claims it has caused earthquakes in Ohio and Oklahoma.
I agree with The Post: The Colorado Oil and Gas Commission does not need more legislation that will only hamstring its work.

Percy Conarroe
, Longmont
This letter was published in the Jan. 13 edition of the Denver Post.
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