The FasTracks fraud presented to Longmont voters in 2004

Feb. 28, 2012
To City Council:

Having worked with RTD Board member Mary Blue on petition signature gathering for the FasTracks sales tax proposal in 2004 (I have now, however, done a complete 180 on FasTracks), I think it is important to review several key points that were presented to Longmont voters regarding the planned Northwest Corridor.  (graphics displayed from RTD document “FasTracks Plan”; April 22, 2004)

First, note that the Boulder-Longmont spur was shown to terminate at “Twin Peaks Mall”.  This was an influencing positive factor for many voters…

Secondly, in what turned out to be the ultimate wishful thinking projection, the entire project was scheduled to be completed by 2017…

In summary, I absolutely oppose an additional 0.4% sales tax in Longmont for future FasTracks funding of any kind.  Like many on Council, I do not feel any of the present options for Longmont are desirable, but I could live with enhanced bus rapid transit if it were truly laid out to serve Longmont to Denver transportation needs.

Dave Larison

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