Anti-photo ID is pro-fraud

(The following appeared in the Sunday May 27, 2012 Times-Call)
I’d like a straight answer from our liberal/progressive/socialist friends on why they are so against requiring photo ID when voting or registering to vote.

It’s mostly a rhetorical question, as many of us are aware of the answer.They claim profiling, racism and intentional disenfranchisement — but their position essentially is encouragement of voter fraud for political gain, plain and simple. Just a means to an end.

But there’s more to this doublestandard, hypocritical thinking. Those who hold this pro-fraud opinion usually hold the opinion of things they believe in but either can’t prove or that are far beyond their own lifetimes. Examples include the sky-is-falling attitude on fracking and man-made global warming. The debate is over; just ask them.

Yet on a real issue occurring now, voter fraud, and not some propagandadriven claptrap like the above, they seem to want to just overlook this problem or the potential for it — or worse, promote it. Apparently, Chicken Little is selective.

So, I ask people, when they are asked to provide their photo ID, to take notice of the situation and ask why shouldn’t the same be required to vote or register to vote? And if you’re willing to provide ID for instances listed below, why not for something as important to our republic as voting?

Do you feel profiled or disenfranchised during jury duty, driver’s license and vehicle registration renewals, buying alcohol and cigarettes, applying for welfare and food stamps, cashing a check, purchasing a firearm, making any large credit card purchase, opening a bank account, renting an apartment, being admitted to a hospital, getting a marriage license or even a library card?

Also, does this pro-fraud attitude extend toward identity theft and fraud?

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