LP011:Bumper stickers, Mayor playing procedural games, and CD4 update

On Episode 11 of Longmont Politics, we discussed the bumper sticker mailed out to anti-airport neighbors by Mile Hi Skydiving, along with comments during the Airport Advisory Board meeting.  The Times-Call ran my letter about Mayor Coombs and a game he played at the recent council meeting.  We updated the money race for U.S. Congressional District 4 and how candidate Brandon Shaffer possibly killed an election night reporting bill.

Music played in this show was “Prisoner” by Cary Morin – courtesy of Music Alley.

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About Chris Rodriguez

Chris is the editor/publisher of LightningRod Blog - as well as founder/editor of Wrongmont, Longmont Advocate, Vote!Longmont, Longmont Politics, the LightningRod Radio Network, as well as being the original Longmont Examiner. Chris is a writer and talker - whether it be blogs, podcasts, music, or public speaking. When he's not heard on Air Traffic radio, he can be heard on his podcasts or seen in the local paper causing trouble.
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