3/25/12 Times Call Opinion: “Approve Longmont Airport Master Plan”

(As printed in the March 25, 2012 Times Call Opinion page)

In the March 13 Times-Call, it was reported “Airport officials have said a longer runway would let Vance Brand serve more of its aircraft more of the time. At Longmont’s elevation, a hot summer day can make it difficult for some planes to take off when fully loaded.”

I’d like to add, despite what I hear repeatedly from NIMBYs, the runway extension isn’t just for billionaire jets. Continue reading…

Councilmember Hansen lies about how he chooses board appointments

At a candidate forum organized by the St. Vrain Valley Latino Coalition on October 20th, the topic of board appointments came up. In a Times Call article, Scott Rochat wrote that “according to the 2010 census, about 25 percent of Longmont’s population is Hispanic. But few of those Hispanics serve on the city’s boards and committees.” 

Ward 1 Councilman Brian Hansen replied to that issue and said that whenever other qualifications were equal, he always voted for a minority appointment.”

That is not true Councilmember Hansen. Continue reading…

Trio of Longmont councilmembers don’t deserve re-election

(An edited version of the below was printed in the Times Call “Voices of St. Vrain” Opinion section on 10/7/11)

Our election is less than a month away and there are three council members up for re-election who no longer deserve to represent us because they have made their personal and partisan politics too much of how they govern Longmont. Continue reading…

Obama’s defenders sidestep issue

(As published in the Times Call Opinion section 8/30/11)

It’s wearying to see the letters jumping to the defense of the current president using the argument that previous presidents did the same and future presidents probably will too. But they sidestep the issue that our current president promised to be different and to be the change we can believe in. Continue reading…

Left wing attack site compares council candidate statement to shooting range

Longmont funeral home director, business owner and registered Democrat Heath Carroll declared his candidacy for city council this week.

This reaction on Twitter from @freerangelongmt caught my eye:
“Oh yes, we need a Chuck E Cheese in Longmont: tinyurl.com/CheesyBangers – then we’d have two shooting ranges.” Continue reading…

Longmont celebrates the business community, President Obama asks more of them

The Longmont City Council will recognize the business community at the Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 city council meeting with a mayoral proclamation designating 2011 as the “The Year of Business in Longmont” and invites all citizens in the community to “recognize the importance of our local businesses to the success of our community as a whole.”
…Continue reading on Examiner.com

Mark Levin equates SmartCo closure to failure of Obama to extend Bush tax cuts

When a decision affects a large segment of a neighborhood population, many in that community have a flurry of opinions as to why it happened, especially when the news is unexpected and appears drastic. The recent news that Longmont’s shiny new SmartCo grocery store was closing and retreating from the community (and taking its other four new stores in Colorado with it) has sparked a debate on both a local level and a national one.

Continue reading…

Money didn’t buy seats

(As printed in the Times Call opinion section 5/24/10)

At the May 18th Longmont City Council meeting, I found it deplorable that a representative from a local partisan group would insinuate that because city council candidates who were appointed received more money, that they were only elected because they brought in more money. Is that supposed to be a bad thing? Candidates who lost…lost because they were inferior candidates.

Voters who took the time to vote aren’t stupid. Then to read a letter from this partisan party representative in the Times Call looking for more volunteers for petition distributors to help push for Clean Campaigns to keep ‘special interests’ out of elections. Since when is a partisan group not working for their own special interests? Seeing how known members of one party keep speaking about this, it’s apparent that this is a partisan backed, agenda driven petition.

One candidate who overwhelmingly beat the incumbent raised a lot of money in this election because multiple community members donated to her (check her reports, most were small contributions). If her opponent was separately assailed by outside groups, it’s because her opponent had a lousy record of service while in office and angered a lot of people.

The majority of the campaign literature circulated during the campaign was information that had been public knowledge for awhile amongst those who take the time to follow council. I’m disgusted by all the hidden conspiracy rhetoric being thrown around and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from the partisans who gather as a group at council meetings and file down one by one to gripe about how their party line candidates lost the election. Here’s a tip: Get better candidates. The election rules will be ironed out, but the motives of those who question the process with nonsensical rhetoric need to be transparent as well.

-Brigette Rodriguez
Coordinator of Vote! Longmont

Smells like team spirit?

It’s ironic to see how some of the more toxic of the self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ in town are finding their sources of entertainment these days.

Case in point: Longmont’s Twin Peaks Mall, which used to be the source of 22% of Longmont’s tax base and now due to the economic downturn, is hovering around 6%. Seems these self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ in Longmont can’t wait to see if it goes down on the newest council members watch so they can barf up a headline “The Baum Squad blew up the Mall!” Continue reading…