Bob Greenlee: Erie smart, Longmont not

Greenlee: A Tale of Two Cities
By Bob Greenlee
9/16/2012 Daily Camera

There’s hardly an example of human activity that doesn’t impact someone. A few activities are more susceptible to posing harm than others, but we also don’t live in a riskless world. There’s no greater example of risks that occur than those related to the recovery of natural resources. Mining and other extractive processes are always potentially hazardous and it is only sensible to assume that regulating these activities is appropriate. But arriving at a consensus on what constitutes reasonable is never easy.

Consider this tale of two cities, Longmont and Erie. Longmont, long considered by many to be a somewhat sleepy rural-oriented community not prone to citizens taking radical positions on issues, took a rather aggressive approach when dealing with the contemporary oil and gas drilling technique knowing as fracking. Erie, a much smaller community, has chosen to deal with the same fracking issue in a significantly more sensible way.

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LP023: Anti-fracking ballot issue and lawsuits

On Episode 23 of Longmont Politics, Chris responded to a response to his “Brandon Shaffer’s Akin Moment” Times-Call guest opinion article, where the original Denver Post writer backs up exactly what Chris said.  Then it was on to Longmont City Councilmembers speaking out AGAINST the fracking ban that will be on the ballot, City of Longmont Ballot Question 300, or as it should be called “The Longmont Lawsuit Invitation Act“.  Erie took a different course, instead deciding on an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) instead of regulations stricter than the state – or worse, a voter induced fracking ban.

Finally, I highlighted some wise words by Percy Conarroe and Paul Danish in reference to fracking and lawsuits.

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Practical words on fracking

They may come from different ends of the political spectrum, but retired newspaperman Percy Conarroe and former Boulder County Commissioner Paul Danish know a thing or two about the goings-on in Longmont and Boulder County.

More enlightening is the fact that both senior gentlemen, now living in Longmont, see the foolishness in the current anti-fracking hysteria.

Longmont Politics is glad to re-post Percy Conarroe’s excellent letter printed in the Times-Call on Sept. 4.  Secondly, we are running a series of links to Paul Danish’s astute views on fracking from his Danish Plan column in the Boulder Weekly.

Percy Conarroe: Longmont City Council should have drilled for facts Continue reading…

City Council should have drilled deeper for information

(Letter published 9/04/12 in Longmont Times-Call)

     THERE’S QUITE a bit of information pertaining to the gas/oil drilling controversy that I think should have been more thoroughly discussed prior to the Longmont City Council’s decision to take on the state government in a big-time lawsuit.
     —-Why haven’t we been told earlier that Greeley has already tried to over-regulate and the Colorado Supreme Court said no. Not good news, either, for the rules-changing initiative.
      —-It has been hinted that because Longmont is a home rule municipality, the state’s authority over drilling should end at the city’s borders. But remember, the state also writes other uniform codes, including one that regulates traffic, which every municipality is required to adopt and enforce, without revision.
       —-Does Longmont have an insurance back-up pool, perhaps something like the Boulder County commissioners had when they took their very expensive lawsuit against the Rocky Mountain Christian Church to the Supreme Court and lost?
      —-What sort of ongoing revenues do the city of Longmont and SVV schools get from these drilling activities?
      —–Longmont resident Paul Danish, author of Boulder’s Danish Plan who is now a columnist for The Boulder Weekly,* estimates that oil well drilling activity, thanks to fracking, will bring in from $3 billion to $5 billion in the next few years to boost Colorado’s economy. He calls it “Colorado’s ticket out of the recession.” He also suggests that if the well sites are as dangerous as the anti-frackers claim, then they should leave their children at home when protesting there.
       —–Meanwhile, Pres. Obama quietly slips an American aircraft carrier into the Strait of Hormuz to guarantee safe delivery of Saudi oil. And all along I thought we were trying to drill our way around these real war potentialities. Not in Longmont, apparently.

Brandon Shaffer’s Todd Akin Moment

(The following appeared in the August 29, 2012 Longmont Times-Call)

Contrary to his blind loyalists repeated fawning, I’d like to paint you a quite different picture of State Senator and U.S. Congressional candidate Brandon Shaffer. I’ll get to his horrid voting record over the last 8 years later, but there’s even something more despicable he’s engaged in that you probably aren’t even aware of.   Continue reading…

LP022: Brandon Shaffer’s rape rant and Hickenlooper targets Longmont

On Episode 22 of Longmont Politics we reminded listeners of the several missteps, mistakes, and voting record of State Senator Brandon Shaffer, especially when he had his own Todd Akin moment when he compared his plight to a rape victim (“it’s a little bit like blaming the woman or saying to a woman she deserved it“).

Then it was on to an impromptu rant about Hispanic/Latino voters and why they should never vote for or accept the patronizing attitude and pandering of Democrats/Liberal/Progressives.  Finally, we talked about Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper supporting the COGCC and their lawsuit against Longmont’s new oil regulations.

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You’ve always heard it here first

Now that there’s been more than 1000 posts on the Longmont Advocate/LightningRod/Politics sites, and many more previous entries on Chris Rodriguez’s Wrongmont blog, it strikes me how many times the non-politically correct, common sense point of view has proven to be true in the long run vs. the reactionary pushing of underlying agendas.

One of the numerous examples from Chris’s writings – Cooling off a solar flare-up – came in early 2010 when Mayor Bryan Baum was besieged by the local left due to his efforts to halt a program providing solar system rebates to Longmont residential and commercial customers at a cost to the city of $150,000. Continue reading…

Brandon Shaffer’s Electoral College deception

The following was pulled from the old Wrongmont site and appears to be written around 2007.  Unfortunately, most if not all of the hyperlinks are broken as those sites either don’t exist anymore, or the articles were just removed.  But the information is still relevant and helps give full context and perspective on one of the more disturbing activities of State Senator Brandon Shaffer (Dem-Longmont).  Now he wants to be the U.S. Congressman for Longmont. Continue reading…

Jeff Ilseman: An Inconvenient Train

(The following is a guest submission by RTD District I candidate Jeff Ilseman)

I love a good train ride, especially if it is also fast and cheap. I grew up near the end of the BNSF line coming out of Chicago’s Union Station. It was built in the 1860s, during the Civil War, when Lincoln was president, and decades before automobiles were invented. How ironic it is that I retired near the end of a “planned” BNSF line coming out of Denver’s Union Station, to be completed in the 2040s. Continue reading…

LP021: Fracking, Chicken, RTD, and solar scams

On Episode 21 of Longmont Politics we talked about the fracking ban gathering enough signatures to make it to the ballot – where it will lose – the Chick-Fil-A backlash on the leftists and radicals and what was really behind it, FasTracks/RTD get an earful from Longmont and Louisville City Councils, and the Abound and Solyndra failures and the real world financial consequences hit locally.

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Join Chris Rodriguez and his guests as they talk about the topics of the day. While the show will lean towards Longmont, Colorado with emphasis on politics, there’s no limit to where the show might go and may apply to your hometown. Leave a voicemail which we may use on-air at (720)924-1080                                          

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