Longmont Advocate on the 11/17/09 Amy Oliver radio show

Another great big thanks goes out to Amy Oliver (AM1310 KFKA) for asking me to come on to her show to discuss Longmont politics.

We discussed several items, including

  • the ’07, ’08, and ’09 elections
  • Karen Benker
  • Wrongmont
  • Executive Sessions and ensuing Times-Call lawsuit
  • Firestone/LifeBridge annexations litigation
  • The price of activism and free speech
  • Longmont’s Fair Campaign Practice Act

Longmont Advocate on The Amy Oliver radio show

A big THANK YOU goes out to Amy Oliver for inviting me on to her show for a live interview. Amy can be found weekdays from 9am-11am on KFKA 1310AM in the Northern Colorado area or live streaming on the web.

Listen HERE (time: 19:32, break and commercials removed – used with permission)

This was my first such interview, and live and unscripted. I made a few too many “umms” and “you knows” for my liking, which I normally cut out of my podcasts, but not bad for the first time.

Does this signal a return of the podcast? Hard to say. I might be going more for YouTube videos, as I like the effectiveness of the “pop-up video” possibilities there. If I resume some recording, I’ll probably do it in small snippets (YouTube allows 10 minutes) on a loosely scheduled basis. The YouTube videos would probably be the audio with some kind of slideshow in the background.

Of course, the City Council YouTube videos will be clips from council meetings with my smartmouth commentary in pop-ups.