Percy Allen Conarroe, March 3, 1927 – June 15, 2013

percyIt was an honor and privilege to call Percy Conarroe a friend and confidant.  If you’ve read this website or its earlier versions you saw that he was a contributor of great value.  He passed away recently at the age of 86.  In true Percy fashion, he didn’t want flowers but instead requested that you write a letter to the editor about something you care about.  I’ve tired of the local paper turning down my opinion pieces while they let far worse through, so being the editor of this website I’ll write here about something I care about – or in this case someone I cared about, Percy Conarroe. Continue reading…

Carroll: In Colorado, anti-fracking activists still don’t rule


By Vincent Carroll

The Denver Post
June 23, 2013

Anti-fracking activists protest outside the Boulder County Courthouse on June 18. (Jeremy Papasso, Daily Camera)


Boulder County this week became the latest jurisdiction in Colorado to defy state law in a bid to placate anti-fracking activists — or fractivists, as they are sometimes called — by extending a moratorium on applications for oil and gas development.

So the county’s original moratorium, now extended several times, has effectively become a drilling ban. And yet the state high court has ruled in the past that a city can’t outlaw drilling — an opinion the court is likely to stand by should it rule again. Continue reading…

Carroll: The anti-fracking goons in Boulder


POSTED: 12/07/2012
By Vincent Carroll
Denver Post Columnist

“It really started almost immediately when we entered the building,” Wendy Wiedenbeck said of the intimidation she encountered at a meeting of the Boulder County commission Tuesday.

“It was very obvious that it was going to be a tough night … ,” she added. “People were trying to block us as we walked through hallways.” Continue reading…

2012 Election Post-Mortem

Another election, and plenty of opportunities lost.  First, with the Presidential race I got 44 out of 50 states right, which is my worst call yet.  But, I was far from alone on that one and people far smarter and more prominent than I got it even worse.  At the time of this writing, Florida still hasn’t been officially called, but I assume Obama will get it and a final tally of 332-206, although the popular vote was much closer than that Electoral College number looks. Continue reading…

GMOs blasted, backed at 9 1/2-hour Longmont meeting

Boulder County commissioners to decide on management of public croplands
LONGMONT — A boisterous crowd of hundreds — at one point punching through the Longmont Conference Center’s fire occupancy limit and forcing an attached room to be opened — had their say about genetically modified crops Thursday night and Friday morning during a 9 1/2-hour public hearing on Boulder County’s proposed Cropland Policy.

Read the rest at Times-Call

Percy Conarroe: Time to outsource the county’s legal services

It’s all in the family—the Democratic Party, that is, which enjoys a stranglehold on Boulder County government. First, let it be said that if the three Boulder County commissioners were Republicans engaging in the same sort of behavior, I would criticize them as well. What’s going on here may be perfectly legal, but to some of us it’s objectionable.

Read the rest at DailyCamera: Letters to Editor Blog

Ron Stewart fiddling while BoCo burning

This week’s glaring headlines in the Times-Call say it all…

“64M allotted to buy open space”…”BoCo mulls $30M open space purchase.”

Czar Ron Stewart has crossed into the twilight zone of insanity by his obsession to buy more and more open space at county taxpayers’ expense. Continue reading…

Zero Waste Dreaming

The Boulder County Zero Waste Action Plan will again be discussed at Longmont City Council tonight, although no decision is required for Longmont’s participation until late this year or more likely in 2012.

Fortunately, the four common sense (i.e., non-liberal) members of council have already expressed concern over the prohibitive cost and possible involuntary nature of the more heavy-handed aspects of BoCo’s plan.

For starters, the term “zero waste” is absurd in itself. Everybody knows that human society produces some degree of waste. Even the enviros admit that zero waste is an impossibility, so why even use the term? It’s the typical extreme mentality that we see so often from the green community, especially Boulder County. Continue reading…